Nizhnekamsk’s birthday: TAIF-NK participates in festive procession

Nizhnekamsk’s birthday: TAIF-NK participates in festive procession
Photo: Artyom Ryabov

This year Tatarstan Republic Day and Nizhnekamsk's Birthday have been celebrated on the same day. There have been numerous events by the holiday in the city, including a festive procession with one of the biggest industrial enterprises TAIF-NK PJSC. Realnoe Vremya tells the details.

4,500 people in festive procession

The City Day in Nizhnekamsk began with a celebratory demonstration. The procession of enterprises and organisations kicked off on Mira Avenue at 11 a.m. A team of TAIF-NK oil refinery marched in a column among the first participants. It had representatives of the whole enterprise – it's workers of the oil refinery, benzene plant, heavy residue deep conversion complex, administration employees. They totalled 250 people. Everyone had the company's uniform on, balloons and flags with TAIF-NK's logo in their hands. Seven people chaired the procession of the enterprise who carried huge letters making up the company's name.

TAIF-NK employees walked in the festive procession with flags and balloons

Director General of the company Rushan Shamgunov also came to the demonstration with his employees. He observed the enterprise's friendly collective walk in line in the stands together with Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan German Lerner, Director General of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC Azat Bikmurzin, Nizhnekamsk Mayor Aydar Metshin and veterans of the city.

TAIF PJSC Director General Rushan Shamgunov was present in the festive procession

The festive demonstration dedicated to Nizhnekamsk' Birthday became a tradition a long time ago. This time 4,500 people have participated in the celebratory procession, there were 34 columns – it's workers of industrial enterprises, construction organisation, educational, sports and social establishments, dance groups, rescuers. TAIF-NK has been participating in the festive procession as one of the biggest enterprises of the city since 2012.

250 TAIF-NK employees took part in the demonstration

From workers' settlement to federal industrial centre

This year Nizhnekamsk has been 52 years. The city's history began in 1958 when a historical decision was made at a May plenary session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR – to build a complex of chemical factories in the Kama River's lower reaches. The first sleigh train, which delivered wagons, a mobile boiler, a power plant arrived in the future construction site on 25 December 1960. Constructors came a week later. And the future petrochemical giant started to be erected 50 km from Naberezhnye Chelny.

The construction was complicated because there weren't asphalt roads, due to which construction materials with equipment could be supplied only when the Kama River was navigable. The absence of electricity and water supply also slowed the work down. This is why infrastructure was created during the first two years: roads and railroads were laid, the workers' settlement was built where constructors and workers housed later. This settlement became the city of Nizhnekamsk in 1966. At the moment, the construction of the chemical factory and the satellite city was announced an all-Union Komsomol construction. This is why thousands of young people from all the USSR came here. The All-Union Leninist Communist League of Youth will be 100 years this October. And it was decided to dedicate this demonstration to Komsomol – a column of Komsomols opened the festive procession.

This demonstration was dedicated Komsomol, this is why a column of Komsomols opened the festive procession

Nizhnekamsk has turned from the workers' settlement to a federal industrial centre in the last 52 years – over 70 enterprises operate here, but petrochemistry and oil refining are the core sectors. Right these companies provide the budget with the main revenue and push the petrochemical city to a new level every year.

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By Ksenia Zharkova. Photo: Artyom Ryabov