Turks entice Tatarstan inhabitants to Marmaris with new flights

Direct charter flights from Kazan and Begishevo start in April and May

The municipality of the Turkish city of Marmaris is planning to develop the tourist flow from Tatarstan in general and the sister city of Nizhnekamsk already this spring. To do this, they will launch direct charter flights from Kazan and Begishevo to the resort. The representatives of Marmaris administration visited Tatarstan, met with officials of the republic and told about the attractiveness of the resort: suitability for autumn-spring tourism, long swimming season and convenient location — almost every attraction is close at hand. Read more about it in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

The authorities of the Turkish city sister of Nizhnekamsk visiting Tatarstan

The Turkish delegation headed by Mayor of Marmaris Ali Ajar is being in Tatarstan for already more than three days. Over this time, they have met with Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov and Mayor of Nizhnekamsk Aydar Metshin, as well as participated in a meeting with representatives of the Tatarstan State Committee on tourism and local tour operators. Although Ali Ajar spoke with great warmth about each meeting, it was the meeting in Nizhnekamsk that has become central one, where the mayors of the two cities signed a bilateral plan for the development of twinning ties.

The most high-profile news was the announcement of direct flights between Nizhnekamsk and Marmaris from May 26th of this year. Although this information first was reported last October, Ali Ajar revealed new details of the flights. In particular, their frequency can be increased from 14 flights a season to 21-22, when Tatarstan citizens 'master' this destination. Already by now, Nizhnekamsk citizens have bought 350 package tours to Marmaris, and the Turkish side hopes that every resident of Nizhnekamsk at least once will visit the Turkish resort.

Ali Ajar said that flights from Kazan to Marmaris will be launched a month earlier, on April 28th

Besides, according to the delegates from Turkey, Marmaris residents themselves are interested in flights to Nizhnekamsk mainly for winter holidays, which are exotic for Mediterranean residents. In particular, the representatives of the Turkish side told about the unforgettable experience of a sleigh ride, which they can't wait to tell their compatriots about.

At the meeting in the Tatarstan State Committee, Ali Ajar said that flights from Kazan to Marmaris will be launched a month earlier, on April 28th. In both cases, they were talking about charter flights, clarified head of the State Committee Sergey Ivanov.

Tatarstan tourists will fly from Begishevo airport and arrive at the airport of the Turkish city of Dalaman — the nearest air harbour near Marmaris (they are separated by about 90 kilometres). Ahmet Hamdi Guvenc, the general manager of the airport, said that the airport complex had underwent a massive reconstruction recently, which was invested 250 million euros. Now it can receive up to 10 million visitors a year.

Guvenc jokingly promised VIP service at the highest level to Tatarstan residents, but later he added that some special signs of attention would be really made to passengers from Kazan and Begishevo. During the meeting, he repeatedly said that the people of Tatarstan and Turkey were 'fraternal peoples'.

Guvenc jokingly promised VIP service at the highest level to Tatarstan residents

It is possible to go swimming already now, and to sightsee everything — just in one day

Sedat Kirt, the head of the secretariat of Marmaris city hall, when presenting the tourist potential of the city and its surroundings, noted that Marmaris is perfect not only for summer but also for autumn and spring tourism. In proof of this, he showed the audience a video, which was shot in late October-early November. During this period, life is in full swing in Marmaris, including on the beaches: people walk in swimsuits and light clothes, go swimming and go out to sea on yachts.

Kirt added that even now, when daytime temperature in Tatarstan is 10 degrees below zero, in Marmaris it is already possible to go swimming.

In addition to beach recreation, there are many tourist sites in the vicinity of Marmaris, in particular, historical and protected areas. Kirt stressed that the city is located in the centre of the main tourist routes, and all the important attractions can be reached in a few hours.

Besides, the representatives of the city hall emphasized that tourists also come to them to do sports: from cycling and yachting to skydiving. ''We offer these months (spring and autumn — editor's note) those who love conscious outdoor activities, who love to be alone with nature,'' said Kirt.

In addition, Marmaris seems to have quite a vibrant nightlife. For example, there is a street of bars, also included in the 'autumn video' and known particularly because of the abundance of bars.

At the same time, all the important places can be visited in just one day — the city is quite small, only 34,000 inhabitants. That is why Kirt at the meeting in the State Committee called Marmaris 'a big village of recreation', where every desired location is close at hand.

Sergey Ivanov, the head of the State Committee, supported the idea

Marmaris administration invited Rustam Minnikhanov and journalists to visit the city

The representatives of Marmaris city hall during the meeting in the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan repeatedly focused on the need for cooperation with the press. In particular, their 'first and main' request to the State Committee was to organize a press tour of Tatarstan media representatives. The head of the State Committee, Sergey Ivanov, supported the idea.

Later it turned out that the city hall of Marmaris had already made one more important invitation. In light of the enthusiasm of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov for motor racing, the administration of the Turkish resort invited him to visit a stage of the World Rally Championship (WRC), which will be held in Marmaris in September. According to Kirt, this championship is one of the world's largest rally series after Formula One. What is more, in Marmaris the route goes through the centre of the city and scenic surroundings.

According to Kirt, world-famous personalities also indulged in quiet rest in the vicinity of Marmaris. In 2007, there was noticed the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, who lived on a yacht moored at a remote village, trying not to appear in the city. Billionaire Roman Abramovich also periodically comes here to do cycling.

By Aleksander Artemyev. Photo: by the author

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