Marat Khabibrakhmanov, Avers Bank: ''We aim at reliable long-term cooperation with our customers''

Marat Khabibrakhmanov, Avers Bank: ''We aim at reliable long-term cooperation with our customers''

Settlement and cash service of legal entities is a demanded and necessary banking service. Any company in the process of work conducts payments with suppliers, receives payments from customers, pays salaries to employees; retail outlets pay cash revenue on account, participants of foreign economic activity carry out calculations with foreign partners. What should be considered when choosing a bank for servicing and about individual approach of Avers Bank to its customers read in the interview of Realnoe Vremya with the head on territorial subdivisions development of Avers Bank Marat Khabibrakhmanov.

Full set

Mr Khabibrakhmanov, what does the bank offer to organizations and entrepreneurs of the republic?

Avers Bank provides a full range of banking services to meet the needs of any business: from settlement and cash service, payroll projects, remote maintenance to lending and bank guarantees. In order to obtain a stable income, a company can open deposit in our bank with the possibility of establishing almost any additional parameters — replenishment, partial withdrawal, capitalization, frequency of interest payment, early termination and so on. When you have an open current account in our bank, deposit opening is held using the same document.

We also offer our customers support of foreign economic activity and we carry out currency control over all types of foreign exchange transactions in accordance with current currency legislation.

Highly qualified specialists of the bank may advise on the currency legislation and international settlements at the stage of preparation of a contract as well as during its service. Besides, in order to avoid penalties, they carry out constant monitoring of the foreign trade contract for compliance with the order and terms of granting of forms of accounting and reporting, compliance with contractual deadlines, in continuous mode they give recommendations for prevention of the revealed violations to avoid penalties.

Do you analyze preferences and needs of customers and make advances?

Certainly. We monitor the market and obtain feedback from our customers. From 1 May, the bank changed tariffs for settlement and cash services for legal entities, and the cost was reduced for a number of services.

Avers Bank is having a special offer on servicing legal entities. Tell us about the conditions.

We understand the needs of businesses, one of the tasks of which is to reduce costs, including for settlement and cash services. We have prepared a new offer for business ''The account — at our expense!'' to this end. In the framework of the offer, legal entities and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to open a bank account and to connect to the remote banking system Internet-Client for absolutely free. Moreover, the bank provides the participants of the action free witnessing of documents required for opening a current account, and also introduces a grace period for service in the system Internet-Client for three months after account opening. Any company or individual entrepreneur who opens an account in Avers Bank and connects to the system Internet-Client until 31 August 2017 can be a participant of the action.

How quickly is it possible to connect the service of settlement and cash services?

We open an account the next day after the customer submits a full package of documents. Request for opening account can be submitted through the website of the bank. In this case, the client manager contacts with the businessman and clarifies when and what office it is convenient for the client to bring the papers.

What is the functionality of the system Internet-Client?

The system of remote banking service allows you to make payments in real time from any part of the world. It is important that the client can use the funds at the time of their receipt to the account, not the next day, and in the mode ''online'' to request a statement on the status of any of the accounts that are opened in Avers Bank. The system Internet-Client allows you to save time and money when making payments. Information security products are used to ensure the security of the payments.

Business gets what the circumstances require

It is an interesting offer, which helps businesses to save, that's great. How else can you help businesses? What are the expectations of business from banks today?

Today the Tatarstan banking market is very tight – there are many banks on the market, the competition is very high, there are many commercial product offerings. Today business is interested not in buying a product but in finding a strategic partner — a trusted financial advisor that would help to build a business and to manage finances properly. Without false modesty I can say that Avers Bank is such partner with the classical conservative approach to business and individual approach to each client. In general, businesses need from banks standard services: lending, settlement services, deposits, guarantees, etc.

There has been a revival of the credit market, do you feel it and how is the economic situation in the country affecting the activities of the banks?

According to the National Agency for Financial Studies (NAFI), at the moment, banks are increasing lending to businesses, including with the support of public funds. Amid slowing inflation and reducing cost of funding for the banks there have been improving price conditions of business lending. Our customers express a high interest for various credit products. At the same time, the bank serves them not only as a lender but also as a financial advisor, offering various financial tools for business development.

Can a businessperson get preferential rates on loans if he opens a cash management account in your bank?

The presence of current account and long-term service in the bank may become a basis for granting a credit on individual conditions. In this case, for us the dynamics of the movement of funds at accounts, financial condition of the client are transparent for us. In any case, we always aim at establishing a trusting relationship with the client, setting up a long-term cooperation and therefore we offer our customers individual solutions and approaches.

To minimise costs and get bonuses

Businesses that pay salaries to their staff at least twice a month have to withdraw funds from the account. This transaction is charged with a fee. Is it possible to minimize these costs?

These costs can be reduced by getting the payroll project in the bank. The payroll project in Avers Bank is very interesting and profitable because for employees of the company are provided monthly accrual on the account balance. Also, a nice bonus can be preferential rates on overdrafts, consumer loans and free connection to the remote service Avers ONLINE.

The presence of own processing allows us to quickly issue a bank card and to ensure their safe use, to manage a network of devices operatively for receiving cards (ATMs, terminals), which is particularly important when implementing payroll projects. What is more, you can even order a custom design of a plastic card. By the way, holders of plastic cards of Avers Bank can withdraw cash from ATMs of any bank without a fee.

Reliability has been proven

Banks in Russia are in a difficult situation today. When choosing a bank for the conclusion of long-term partnership, entrepreneurs have to be cautious. How is Avers Bank feeling today?

Yes, today customers when choosing a bank should examine all its indicators, the capital adequacy ratios of a bank, its liquidity. I can say that over 5 months of 2017, Avers Bank has improved the main indicators of its activity. According to the portal Банки.ру, as of June 1 2017, the bank's assets have grown from the beginning of the year by 30,460 billion rubles and reached 133,09 billion rubles. The funds of enterprises increased by 27,860 billion rubles and exceeded 85,065 billion rubles. Net profit amounted to 823,779 million rubles. Avers Bank is still ranked first among financial and credit organizations of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The reliability of the bank has been confirmed by national and international rankings. In September 2016, Fitch rating agency confirmed long-term rating of Avers Bank on the level of BB-, the outlook is ''stable''. The rating Agency RAEX (Expert RA) has assigned the banks' credit rating at the level of ruА+. Today Avers Bank has good liquidity cushion and high capital adequacy level.

Our objective is to help businesses in their steady growth, providing a full range of banking services depending on the needs of each client.

The duration of the offer ''The Account – At Our Expense!'' is from 1 June to 31 August 2017.

Avers Bank PLC. The license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 415 dated 09.06.2014.

Detailed information about promotions and other offers of Avers Bank for entrepreneurs can be obtained in the offices of the bank, by phone 8 (800) 700-43-21 (toll-free in Russia) or on the website

By Yevgeniya Gazizova. Photot: Maksim Platonov