Look out: fans! Chaos from free riders, clashes with the police and races on the field during matches

What to expect from football fans of the Confederations Cup

Look out: fans! Chaos from free riders, clashes with the police and races on the field during matches Photo: sportbox.ru

An unprecedented influx of fans from seven countries of the world is expected in four cities of Russia this summer. Since Kazan, in addition to the matches of the groups, hosts the semi-finals, the fans of any of the participating countries may visit the capital of Tatarstan. What we should be ready for in contact with the fan subculture — read in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Portugal: ''A legion fans will guide you to victory''

It is no coincidence that the Portuguese fans chose this phrase as the motto for their team. A whole legion is really expected at the Confederations Cup, and although they support their team in cultural way, they also can be distinguished with unexpected antics. But mostly they are quite loyal and very bright fans. However, there are many fans of the team of Cristiano Ronaldo in our country as well, so the occupancy rate of matches by the Portuguese is expected high.

The Portuguese will support their team calmly and culturally due to a small number of rivalry games between the clubs. In fact, in the Portuguese championship there are only three big teams: Sporting CP of Lisbon, S.L. Benfica of Lisbon, and FC Porto of Porto. It is not surprising that ardent fans can be found only in Lisbon and Porto. In general, the Portuguese fans organize peaceful performances.

The Portuguese will support their team calmly and culturally due to a small number of rivalry games between the clubs. Photo: peru.com

However, they cease to be peaceful in two cases: when they are very happy and when extremely angry. A vivid proof — the riots that started in France at UEFA Euro 2016. Then, the fans of the Portuguese national team in a fit of passion because the success of their team occupied the main streets of Paris, almost painted them in red and green. The most thuggish of them started to battle with the gendarmes, throwing in them glass bottles and flares. They had to stop the aggressive flow of wanting to celebrate the victory of their team with tear gas and batons.

The nickname Portuguese torcida is similar to the motto of the national team and, of course, is close to megalomania. A Selecção das Quinas is translated from Portuguese as ''the team of the chosen.''

Germany: ''11 players — 80 million hearts — Die Mannschaft!''

The fans of the German national team for some reason are considered almost the most aggressive after the British. In fact, it is not true. Today one rarely can seee posts about some fan clashes or conflicts in the Bundesliga. Often the stands are filled with married couples, children and older football fans. Those who are used to ''kink'' in ''normal'' mode filled the lower divisions of German football. This is due to the fact that the Germans adopted some interesting laws severely restricting the rights and opportunities of the fan movements. For example, in Germany it is forbidden to cover any conflicts because of football, you will never see these stories in the media. Besides, in the police there were established special department for work with troubled fans.

Abroad, the Germans are quite reserved. They take by number (they are almost always the most numerous in the tournaments held in Europe) and coherence. Perhaps, if not their inherent discipline, there would be troubles.

In the Bundesliga, however, there are still fans who surprise by their performances the whole world. First of all, we are talking about Borussia Dortmund fans and Gelsenkirchen Schalke fans. For the Germans, the football is a holiday, but they also do not forget about great actions in the stands.

Chile: ''La Roja: the pride of Chile''

The motto, of course, is beautiful as well as the play of this South American team. But the behaviour of fans at times creates problems for law enforcement. Ardent Chilean guys are often willing to do whatever it takes to support their favourite team, because of that they often have problems with the law. For example, at the World Cup 2014 in Brazil hundreds of Chilean fans broke into the press center of Maracanã stadium and made a mess here. As it turned out, they simply didn't have tickets for the game and they decided to get to the match by any means.

Perhaps, Russian stadiums may experience something similar. After the announcement of the composition of the groups and venues for the matches of the Confederations Cup, the Chileans overwhelmed the official website of FIFA with requests for tickets. It is the representatives of this country showed the greatest interest in the tournament, which, apparently, is connected with great chances to win.

However, now the Chileans at the international level have calmed down a bit, and any disastrous incidents have not taken place recently in the domestic league. In 2006, for example, some ardent fan threw from the stands at an opposition player… a piece of concrete. It happened in the South American equivalent of the Europa League, what is more, the Chilean team then won 4:1, and subsequently earned a forfeit loss. In 2017, the Chileans distinguished by ultimatum to the leader of the team Alexis Sánchez by demanding his expulsion from Arsenal.

Ardent Chilean guys are often willing to do whatever it takes to support their favourite team. Photo: sportbox.ru

Mexico: ''Here are the warriors of Mexico''

The Mexicans are quite peaceful, but if they do not like something, the reaction can seem cruel. For example, the fan movements of Mexico have an unwritten rule: not to have in their ranks people with Nazi views. In the domestic league and in international competitions there have been even cases of dropping people from the sectors with a fatal outcome.

One of the most recent incidents involving Mexicans is the match between their national team and Uruguay in the first round of the America's Cup. Closer to the end of the match, after the nominal guests from Uruguay scored the equalizer, there sparked a brawl between fans. By the way, the Mexicans eventually won the game 3:1, scoring twice in the last five minutes.

Again, the majority of the Mexican fans are quiet. But they will support very passionately as said in the motto of their team. In the stands they are really the warriors of Mexico, the 12th player of the national team.

Australia: ''Socceroos: Pride of a Nation''

Australian fans are not so well known as fans of other, more football countries. However, they also have their own peculiarities. The main one is going out on the field during a match. In the domestic league, this happens sometimes several times a game. That way fans are trying to prove something to each other. Or is it the spirit of kangaroo — one of the symbols of Australia – that gives no peace to the people of this country? By the way, Australian fans are also famous by the fact that they often take to the stadium figures of kangaroos.

Cameroon: ''The indomitable lions''

Fans of the African teams are always the catchiest in any event. Cameroonians in this respect are no exception, and their presence will surely be one of the main events in the Russian cities of the Confederations Cup. In the majority, African football fans are calm and peaceful. Any aggressive actions on their part have not been noticed for quite a long time.

The main problem here might be not too wealthy contingent who will aim to stay in Russia longer. The lack of money for the trip of the fans has seriously complicated the lives of the organizers of the other two major competitions, so the delegation from Cameroon is expected not too big.

Fans of African teams are always the catchiest catchy in any event. Photo: bbc.co.uk

New Zealand: ''Small nation, Big heart''

The motto of the national team reflects the essence of the passions of New Zealander fans. In Oceania, rugby is more popular. Its fans make really classy performances and provide strong support of their favorites. To be honest, the fan power in New Zealand is comparable with the strength of their football team — both phenomena are considered weak. However, New Zealanders are keen to prove the opposite, as it has been claimed by the management of the team.

''We are not coming here just to take part and enjoy the tournament, we are coming here to win games, to compete with biggest teams. We want to come here and get some results,'' said Antony Hudson in the interview to FIFA.com.

By Zulfat Shafigullin