''They found the chain that Ivan the Terrible brought from Kazan''

''They found the chain that Ivan the Terrible brought from Kazan'' Photo: Maksim Platonov

A guest of Realnoe Vremya, the director of the museum reserve Kazan Kremlin Zilya Valeyeva, told in an online conference about the burial of the remains of the Kazan khans, interaction with the museum professionals of MSB RT and Tatarstan Metropolis, and about the special status of the museum-reserve.

''We will fulfill our human duty''

The question from the readers that we have been waiting for: will the remains of Kazan khans be reburied? If yes, will it be carried out as a ritual ceremony?

We can say that now that the answer is affirmative. This question is asked by readers, as well as people who walk through the Kremlin. I often have to stop and explain the fate of the remains to the tourists. Indeed, the remains of Kazan khans have long been found, it is connected with the excavations of 1977, when the mausoleums of the Kazan khanate were discovered. They were found due to the expedition of Alfred Khalikov. Then their study and identification was continued by another group, it was already the beginning of the nineties. The study was continued by Aidar Sitdikov and Fayaz Khuzin, he is the leader of this group.

Of course, now the question of the burial is a human and humanitarian act. The Muslim Spiritual Board also has this kind of initiative. The procedure of burial has to be preceded by some of the restoration work of the mausoleum, the work have already been completed and, I think, in the near future the remains will be buried. MSB RT suggests that it should be done in the days of the Bolgarian forum. With the participation in the ceremony of the representatives of the regions. Thus we will fulfill our human duty.

''Something that is in demand, often wears out. The reason of that the binoculars were removed is the physical wear of the equipment. The binoculars will be returned.'' Photo: traveligo.ru

A cry from the depths of our readers: will the binoculars be returned to the observation deck?

Something that is in demand often wears out. The reason of that the binoculars were removed is the physical wear of the equipment. The binoculars will be returned.

''We cooperate with MSB RT, as well as with Metropolis''

Today everyone is discussing the story with the transfer of St. Isaac's Cathedral. The question of our readers is the following: how do the museum professionals build relationships with the Metropolis and MSB RT? Can we have the same situation like in St. Petersburg?

It is the case when you can say that our relations with the Metropolis and MSB RT are developed in such way that no one wishes to take something away or change. We try to work so that not to interfere with each other, on the contrary, to be helpful to each other. In our conditions it is the only way. If you act in a straight line and interpret the law literally, our situation is even more complex and contradictory. Because we have some objects of historical past belonging to the Orthodox and the Muslim religions, and the attempt to transfer or ''divide'' them would be crazy. We have reason to be proud of the combination of the monuments and temples of the two faiths, the ability when it is necessary to recognize the priority of historical truth. In such cases, the museum has the special mission and we strive to perform it honestly and conscientiously. I am grateful to Archbishop Feofan, the mufti of Tatarstan Kamil khazrat for understanding and collaboration.

People worried that the atmosphere with the transfer of Isaakievskiy Sobor is intensifying...

I think that this idea is not entirely competently solved. In this story, it is very important to me that they are taking away from the museum. I think somewhere in the initial stage they did not agree on a procedure for the transfer, they miscalculated people's reaction. I remember the words of the director of the Museum of the Cathedral Nikolay Burov, he was at the time Minister of Culture of Saint-Petersburg, that the share of the believers is only 1% among those visiting Isaac's, if to take all the services. Museum specialists are obliged to preserve the history for people, for humanity. Not for themselves! The fates of museums have always been tough.

The current situation do not make anyone better: either future owners, because they haven't assessed how it looks from the outside, or forced to defend museum workers. The defending is unusual for them, they should be saved because they protect what is under threat of destruction. First and foremost, it is museums, and sometimes their workers, need understanding and careful attitude. What is more, this drama is happening on the background of the fact that the cities and villages have so much untidy, unrestored! As a human being, I was very worried about it. If on the map it is one museum less, is it good or bad? I'm pretty sure it's bad. There were times when the museums were closed and they took out the exhibits, but those days were bad.

If on the map one museum becomes less, is it good or bad? I'm pretty sure it's bad

Are there plans to cooperate with museums of the Moscow Kremlin?

If you remember, we had an exhibition from the collections of the Moscow Kremlin, it was about four years ago. From time to time we cooperate with the Moscow Kremlin, probably, the next project will be in 2018. Our colleagues work very hard in their vaults, with exhibits. There was such interesting information that they discovered a chain which Ivan the Terrible supposedly brought from Kazan. The Kazan Kremlin, as well the Moscow Kremlin, is a UNESCO heritage, we have a lot in common, common questions on preservation of objects of UNESCO.

''We cannot be compared wih the traditional museums''

The Kazan Kremlin is interesting to our readers as a structure. How is your work arranged?

We are the structure not entirely comparable to traditional museums. The Kazan Kremlin consists of six museums and the exhibition hall Manezh. At the same time, we are on the territory of the current residence of the president of our Republic. So, we have our own difficult character, but luckily we support each other. We are always ready to accept the official delegations. Given the intensity of visiting of the Republic by foreign delegations, business forums, that we are held in the city, this is a great piece of work because the guests first go to the Kremlin. Earlier, we shared the majority of space with official organizations, but now there is a big step of museumification of the territory of the Kazan Kremlin, it is associated with the transfer of a large corpus of public offices. This premise has not been restored in preparation for the 1000 anniversary of Kazan. Now our President has decided that after the move of the remaining associations, the premises will be handed over to the museum.

Earlier, we shared the majority of space with official organizations, but now there is a big step of museumification of the territory of the Kazan Kremlin

What are you going to place there?

It is 10.500 square meters. First and foremost, there should be placed the museum of statehood of Tatarstan because now there is no enough space for it. Within the framework of this museum, it is planned to create a presidential center that will reflect the history of the last thirty years in Tatarstan.

Did the flow of tourists increase last year?

Last year, the Kremlin was visited by more than 2.700.000 people. We have counters at the gates, and we are able to say how much people come to us. The entry to the Kremlin is free and around the clock, in accordance with the decision of our President, Rustam Minnikhanov. Indeed, let people come see history and beauty. We hold a lot of outdoor events, including exhibitions and festivals. We have worked on the space and continue to work. We are encouraged by the mission of our reserve. The Kazan Kremlin is included in the list of UNESCO as a unique Tatar fortress with a long history. For museum professionals, the Kazan Kremlin is the fortress of the richest culture.

By Tatyana Mamaeva. Photo: Maksim Platonov