Miss Tatarstan and BDSM scandal: ''We googled what it means...''

Miss Tatarstan and BDSM scandal: ''We googled what it means...'' Photo: Maksim Platonov

The girls' envy of the winners, depravity of individual journalists and endless debates ''Who is more beautiful and more worthy to win'' — the topics they discussed yesterday at a briefing in the Kazan Federal University. The president of the public organization Miss Tatarstan Izolda Sakharova and the winners of the two main crowns of the competition were invited at the event.

''Every girl likes sweets''

At the beginning of the meeting, the winners of the competition, Zulfiya Shafigullina and Kamilya Kharisova, were asked whether it is hard to deny themselves sweets and treats that spoil the shape.

''Every girl loves sweets. At the competition, we did not deny ourselves completely. Just everything should be in moderate quantities,'' said the winner of Miss Tatarstan. ''After the victory I ate a piece of cake, and I ate a bitter chocolate at the pageant.''

''Sweets should be in a diet, I just replaced candy and chocolate with honey and dried fruits,'' added the winner of the title Miss Kazan.

Zulfiya graduated from Computer Technologies Department, she is going to get a master degree, but she is thinking to change specialisation

What is BDSM? We don't even know this word!

Many have noticed a big change in the competition Miss Tatarstan this year. Even the organizers admitted that they planned a kind of ''revolution for peaceful purposes''.

''We tried to make a bright energetic entertaining show and used different ideas in it. Because it is 2017, people have associations with the revolution. We wanted to direct everything from a variety show to fashion, this was the main idea,'' said Izolda Sakharova.

But the most piquant questions to the organizers concerned the original elements in the outfits of the girls — unusual design constructions on the heads, in which the participants appeared at the catwalk. Some journalists called them muzzles, others — cages. The Western media saw in this BDSM elements.

''We were compared with four letters, the meaning of which we didn't know. We just googled what it means. Well, what can I say? Only a fevered brain could see these four letters in what we were wearing. They are kind of desperate for something absolutely incomprehensible,'' emotionally says the organizer of the competition.

It is Ekaterina Tonyushkina made up head accessories and all the outfit for the first catwalk. The creative team, of course, was not thinking about some sex toys, assured Sakharova.

It should be noted that the swimsuit round at Miss Tatarstan has never taken place without a scandal. The organizers are always blamed in licentiousness, saying that we live in a Muslim Republic. For this reason, this year they have made concessions, and the girls were in closed swimsuits. However, they are not ready to abandon this round completely.

''How can you evaluate a girl, not seeing how graceful she is, and how beautiful her shape is?! What is wrong with this? The nuns are also forbidden to go out in swimsuits. We shouldn't talk about such things like this. Go to our beaches, no one bathes in clothes,'' retorted Sakharova.

The creative team, of course, was not thinking about some sex toys, assured Sakharova

Evil commenters in social networks

''Now I am scared to go in the social networks, there is such activity now,'' admitted Zulfiya. ''On the one hand, it is nice, on the other — it's funny, because those people assess who don't know how the preparation for the competition is held,'' says the winner.

''They did not see a live final, the judge by the photos. Let's look through Instagram, everyone is beautiful here, just choose the right angle — everyone will be beautiful. Wonder whether they conduct ''business cards'', swimwear round, intellectual round, attract numerous jury. They see us not only in the final, but at the rehearsals. I even feel sorry that people spend their time on such a useless thing,'' replied Zulfiya to the question of angry comments in social networks.

Izolda Sakharova added that, according to statistics, most often the winners are criticized by girls, apparently, who failed to realize themselves in life and envious ones.

The responsible task is awaiting the girls: they will represent the Republic at all government events. They will participate in the ceremonies, at international forums, they will meet the guests of honour. They will be included in the awarding group at all competitions, including the Confederations Cup and the World Cup. Zulfiya is going to represent Tatarstan in the competition Miss Russia.

By Vasilya Shirshova. Photo: Maksim Platonov. Video: Kamil Ismagilov