COVID-19 recedes, influenza attacks: season of respiratory diseases in Tatarstan

COVID-19 recedes, influenza attacks: season of respiratory diseases in Tatarstan
Photo: Fatykhov (archive)

Influenza is beating COVID-19 in a battle for the human body. Coronavirus is currently decreasing its speed, influenza and acute viral respiratory infections continue affecting Tatarstan residents. This is the situation in the republic in the last few weeks. Vice head of the Tatarstan office Russia’s consumer rights protection watchdog Lyubov Avdonina and Vice Health Care Minister Vladimir Zhavoronkov explained the state of affairs in medicine in numbers.

Influenza and acute viral respiratory infections

16.945 cases of influenza and acute viral respiratory infections have been registered in Tatarstan in the last three weeks of 2024. This is 19.7% below last week’s level and 14% above the incidence. As Avdonina reminded us, a fall in the share of influenza among acute viral respiratory infections can mean a possible end of the epidemic. But there is yet no such thing. Platonov (archive)

Avdonina also said that lessons in 167 classes in 36 schools have partly been suspended since the beginning of the season. Morning check-ups continue operating in educational organisations in the region. The Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministers decided to intensify the work in this area last week.

“There was given an order to intensify this work. This is aimed to detect infections and prevent them from showing up among people not only due to influenza, acute respiratory infections and COVID-19 but also other respiratory infections — measles and whooping cough,” Avdonina concluded.


According to Avdonina, COVID-19 started to regress. In the last three weeks, the coronavirus incidence turned out to be twice as low as last year’s level, reads statistics of the central taskforce. If 1.149 patients were detected during the first week in the republic, 961 were during the second one. 579 citizens of the republic were infected with coronavirus during the third week of 2024.

“97% of COVID-19 cases are like acute respiratory infections and without any symptoms. We mainly see Omicron here,” she added.

Vladimir Zhavoronkov confirmed the falling incidence. This especially applies to severe cases. He reminded the audience that 11 hospitals where patients with the novel coronavirus infection receive medical advice continue operating in the region. Platonov (archive)

“This doesn’t mean that every temporary hospital for infectious diseases has 200-300 beds. It can be units with 15 beds, for instance,” he stressed.

As Zhavoronkov said, the given hospitals opened for the locals only. Now 15.6% of the beds are vacant in the republic. Though this indicator usually didn’t surpass 10%. The beds for COVID-19 might be reduced due to the positive dynamics.


The situation with measles remains tense in Tatarstan. 23 cases have been registered in the republic since the beginning of the year. In eight cases, foreigners were involved. 14 out of 15 patients had visited other regions or countries.

46 cases of measles were registered in Tatarstan during the first months of 2023. They started to be registered as early as since 5 February. Platonov (archive)

In conclusion, Avdonina reminded the audience that the season of respiratory diseases goes on. It is not excluded it will end in March.

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