Forest seedling planting to be banned in Kazan

Forest seedling planting to be banned in Kazan
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Kazan authorities want to establish a united order of compensatory planting in the city. The Executive Committee is to approve requirements for compensatory planting to create an efficient system designed to improve the quality of planting works and timely agro-technical measures, Realnoe Vremya found out.

According to the new rules, workers of the Kazan Executive Committee will check planting areas from 20 April to 30 November, but it is specified that the dates can change depending on climatic conditions.

The contractor who will do the indicated works will provide the commission with five documents. The list will include working documentation, an act on plant conservation, a quality seal on vegetative soil with data on agrochemical components, a phytosanitary certificate as well as the cost sheet indicating the works and tree maintenance costs. Reznov (archive)

Also, the rules contain requirements for seedlings. For instance, it is forbidden to buy, import, plant and re-plant poorly developed plants and bushes, with signs of population by pests and diseases. Materials from forests cannot be used — they must come from nursey gardens only. And when transporting seedlings from other regions or countries, every lot must contain a state plant quarantine inspection certificate.

At the same time, when preparing planting areas for compensatory planting, there are going to be established requirements for pots. They will have to dug two or three hours before planting.

It should be reminded that this year the Tatarstan capital will spend 161,7 million rubles on improvement, flower design and greening. The contract cost turned out to be 812,600 rubles below the initial price announced by the Kazan Committee of Outdoor Improvement.

Ayrat Nazipov