Retail alcohol sale restricted on Russian Supercup match day in Kazan

Retail alcohol sale restricted on Russian Supercup match day in Kazan
Photo: Fatykhov (archive)

The retail sale of alcohol on the 2023 Russian Supercup match day in Kazan will be restricted. The decision was made for security reasons, reads a decree signed by Tatarstan Prime Minister Alexey Pesoshin.

The ban on the retail sale of alcohol expect for its sale in food outlets is imposed only for one day — 15 July. It will be in force on the territory around Ak Bars Arena.

The Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministers’ decree determines the following territories where the retail sale of alcohol is not allowed on 15 July: on Amirkhan Prospekt, from Sibgat Khakim Street to Chistopolskaya Street, from Chistopolskaya Street to Adoratsky Street, from Adoratsky Street to 10, Gavrilov Street and further along the border of the bridge of the 3rd transport dam on Troitsky Les Street, then along the waterline of the Kazanka River to Amirkhan Prospekt.

It should be reminded that the Supercup match will be held at Ak Bars Arena in Kazan on 15 July. Petersburg’s Zenit and Moscow’s CSKA will be on the pitch. Sergey Karasyov was appointed as chief referee.

Transport traffic on some streets will also be limited due to the Supercup match in the Tatarstan capital. For instance, Chistopolskaya Street, a segment from Yamashev Prospekt to Adoratsky Street, if there is traffic from Yamashev Prospekt will be closed from 15 to 23 o’clock on 15 July if needed.

Tatiana Dyomina

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