Teenaged widow and 262k divorced people: what census in Tatarstan shows

Teenaged widow and 262k divorced people: what census in Tatarstan shows
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More than 350,000 Tatarstan residents became widows

3,053,600 out of 3,268,835 residents above 16 years indicated their marital status in Tatarstan during the Russian Census carried out last year. Most of them –1,771.983 — are married, 594,319 residents of the republic have never been married.

Another 262,399 got divorced, 68,676 broke up with their partners. Another 356,223 Tatarstan residents said during the census that they had become widows. And 215,235 people didn’t name their marital status.

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1,650,866 Tatarstan people registered their relations officially. The other 121,117 people are in an unofficial matrimony.

One teenaged widow

There are young residents of the republic among married citizens — 16-17-year-olds. According to law, only owing to valid reasons one can get married before turning 18. In Tatarstan, it is the girl’s pregnancy, the birth of would-be spouses’ common child and a life-threatening condition.

There are 78,545 people among 16-17-year-old Tatarstan residents, according to the census, just 418, or 0,5%, claimed they are married. Moreover, only 293 registered the matrimony. The other 125 haven’t registered it.

There are divorced citizens among 16-17-year-old Tatarstan people too. Another 45 people from this category indicated that they broke up with their partner. Also, there is a widow among young residents of the republic.

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There are more young ladies than men among minors who have a marriage certificate — 161 and 132 respectively. Their number is twice as high in the category of people who haven’t registered their matrimony — 82, whereas men total 43.

Moreover, there are more men among officially divorced citizens aged 16-17 — 30. There are 26 girls in the republic who have managed to get married and get a divorce certificate at such a young age.

More than 5,000 Tatarstan residents above 75 have never been married

In general the biggest age category of Tatarstan residents who are officially married is 35-39 years. They amount to 212,907 people. Citizens from 30 to 34 years (202,631) are second, those from 60 to 64 are third (179,960).

The situation is the same among the male population. The biggest age group of married Tatarstan people is 35-39 people (106,171). Men from 30 to 34 are second (97,349), citizens from 60 to 64 (93,256) are third. The picture is similar in women too.

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The biggest number of Tatarstan citizens who indicated they are unofficially married is also in the 35-39 age group. They make up 12,723. Citizens from 20 to 34 are second — 17,695. The older the age group, the fewer citizens who are unofficially married. For instance, they are 1,740 Tatarstan citizens in the 75+ age group.

The biggest category among those who have never been married is 20-24-year-olds. 136,389 people provided such information. The smaller age group of citizens who have never been married are people from 70 to 74. Their number is 5,072. Some Tatarstan people older than 75 years admitted that they had never been in the registry office as a fiancé or fiancée — 5,415.

Photo: realnoevremya.ru/Maxim Platonov

The older Tatarstan citizens are, the bigger the number of widows. For instance, they total 131,073 people in the 75+ age group. Moreover, 19,299 are men, 111,774 are women.

There are widows among those who just recently turned 18 too. There are 45 people in the 18-19-year-old category. 24 of them are men, 21 are women.

Tatiana Dyomina