First part of book on TAIF GC’s construction projects released

How big is the contribution of TAIF Group in the republic’s civil engineering? The answer is on the pages of ‘Living, Working, Building for People’ special book. Part two

First part of book on TAIF GC’s construction projects released
Photo: Roman Khasayev

“Civil engineering has always been among priority areas of our activity. In Tatarstan, TAIF Group accepted an important mission of not only building new administrative buildings, sports venues, culture and leisure facilities, medical, health, educational school and pre-school institutions but also restoring buildings of historical heritage that are a real value and adornment of Kazan and other cities of the republic,” stressed Vice Chairman of TAIF JSC Board of Directors Ruslan Shigabutdinov. In the second part of the article, we continue talking about the book Living, Working, Building for People dedicated to civil engineering projects implemented by TAIF Group that recently saw the light. Part two.

Volume two: socially important facilities and historical architectural heritage

Swimming pools, ice palaces, sports and health complexes, camps and bases gyms — it is hard to count the number of sports and health venues built, repaired, restored and financed by TAIF Group.

Orgsintez swimming pool was fully renovated with TAIF Group’s effort and money. Photo: Roman Khasayev

So Orgsintez swimming pool was renovated in Kazan in 2019. The venue hosting Russian and international tournaments was not only renovated but also created again: guest stands for 19 VIP seats, a broadcasting room, stages for artists’ performances were built in the big swimming pool area.

The external retention wall was newly coated. Photo: TAIF JSC archive

The external retention wall was coated, a metal fence was installed, the roof was repaired, electric supply, supply and exhaust ventilation, air conditioning equipment was fully replaced, a new swimming pool water treatment system was equipped, a new water supply pipe was laid and connected. The swimming pool was renovated, ceiling elements and end walls were replaced with safe sound-absorbing materials, the lighting system was substituted allowing top video transmission. The main area of the swimming pool got a new multimedia screen and the latest sound equipment, automatic flag raising system with remote control.

The swimming pool was fully renovated and lighting was replaced. Photo: TAIF JSC archive

One of Kazan’s oldest stadiums Dynamo had a new lease of life with the help of TAIF-ST construction company. The artificial pitch, the drainage system were replaced, the facade and roof of the gym was repairs, the open-air stands was added prefabricated demountable structures. A special coating allows the carpet of the venue to remain dry even during the rain. Four running lanes, a long and high jump areas were equipped. The training centre of Dynamo handball team is not recognisable.

Large-scales works on the reconstruction of Dynamo stadium in Kazan were done. Photo: Roman Khasayev

By the World University Games, TAIF built a field hockey centre in Kazan. There are only four centres of this kind across Russia. During the University Games, it hosted training and competitions of teams. On an area of 6,5 hectares, it includes two hockey pitches, six running lanes, a basketball and volleyball court, stands for 2,300 seats, changing rooms, a gym, medical and massage rooms, sports storage rooms under the stands. The centre meets not only all international requirements but also became an adornment of the city, its indispensable sightseeing point.

By the World Summer University Games in 2013, TAIF built one of Russia’s best field hockey centres in Kazan. Photo: TAIF JSC archive

An ice palace for 5,500 seats was built in Nizhnekamsk in 2005. The petrochemists’ sports and cultural complex became a unique facility, during its construction the latest technologies and materials were used: a climate control system, a modern acoustic system, there was assembled a water treatment device to make ice. With time, the complex required being updated, and in 2015 Nizhnekamskneftekhim did large-scale renovation.

The home stadium of Neftekhimik JSC updated with TAIF Group’s money solemnly opened in Nizhnekamsk with Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov. Photo: Roman Khasayev

TAIF completely repaired Neftekhimik FC’s sports and training base. In 2020, a renovated football stadium of Neftekhimik FC opened officially together with the Tatarstan president. To make the club’s home stadium comply with requirements of the Football National League, TAIF spent more than 400 million rubles.

“It is a completely new stadium: the reconstruction was top-level. Football and ice hockey are two key sports in Nizhnekamsk. And we can tell football fans many thanks to TAIF Group of Companies,” Rustam Minnikhanov stressed during the opening ceremony of the stadium.

In 2020 too, a shooting range was renovated on a large scale in Nizhnekamsk on the initiative of TAIF JSC management and personally Ruslan Shigabutdinov.

Huge attention is paid to support the health care system. The Children’s Urban Polyclinic No. 2 opened in Kazan in 2001 with TAIF’s active participation. In 2005, Orgsintez health centre was renovated on a large scale. In 2019, a burns unit with the state-of-the-art equipment opened in Nizhnekamsk’s Central Regional Municipal Hospital.

A solemn opening ceremony of a contemporary burns unit equipped with TAIF Group’s money took place in Nizhnekamsk in August 2019. Photo:

Public spaces and social and cultural facilities play a very important role in a modern society’s life. It is often true. The comforts of a settlement and the opportunity of having pleasant time after work play a decisive role in retaining specialists in the workplace. TAIF attributes great significance to this area.

“It was 1997. A new construction project kicked off on Moskovskaya Street, instead of a demolished abandoned construction site, and as a united and professional team we got down to work that was interesting and tough,” Vice Director General of Construction and Major Overhaul of TAIF JSC Ildus Safin recalls how the construction of a unique facility that became one of the iconic places of the Tatarstan capital — Pyramid Culture and Leisure Complex — began. He adds: “We got a completely new experience — nothing similar was ever built in Kazan. The project with unique architecture envisages unique tasks and the use of new materials. Everything done by the team of constructors during the erection of Pyramid can be easily called a breakthrough in urban engineering not only in Kazan but also across the Republic of Tatarstan.”

Ildus Safin: “The solutions used during the construction of the Pyramid became a breakthrough in the construction sector of Kazan and Tatarstan.” Photo: press centre of TAIF JSC

The construction of Pyramid was over in 2002.

“The site is really unique. It is the first multifunctional complex in the republic. Such facilities were never built. A lot complex started to appear now where everything is one place: food, clothes, entertainment. While we were pioneers. It is a unique project. Boris Yeltsin who opened the facility in 2002 said then: “I have seen a lot of countries but I have never seen such a place.” Indeed, there are no other works of architecture in Russia,” Director of Pyramid Venera Sabirova shared in an interview with Realnoe Vremya.

Pyramid built by TAIF is one of the architectural landmarks of Kazan. Photo:

In 2005, by the 1000th anniversary of the Tatarstan capital, TAIF completed the major renovation of the Chemists’ Culture Centre, which is located on Yamashev Prospekt in Kazan. The building opened as early as 1969 transformed thanks to masters’ efforts and Group’s money. In 2015, TAIF Group and Kazanorgsintez PJSC improved and accommodated the Pine Grove park adjacent to the culture centre.

Petrochemists’ Park became a unique place for the petrochemical capital of the republic — Nizhnekamsk. Before 2006, it was an abandoned parcel of land. The transformation TAIF Group and Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC allocated money for started in 2011, which was announced the Year of Chemistry in Russia. And the public space solemnly opened. Today it is one of Nizhnekamsk citizens’ favourite places for walks as well as a square named after first Director General of NKNK, USSR Minister of Petrochemical Industry Nikolay Lemayev. It was fully renovated in 2017 with TAIF and Nizhnekamskneftekhim’s money. Also, it is annually adorned with unique festive architectural forms by workers of TAIF-NK JSC on New Year’s eve.

An improvement programme of TAIF JSC and Kazanorgsintez PJSC to restore Swan Lakes near Kazan became one of the biggest in Russia. Photo:

A project for the restoration of Swan Lakes near Kazan implemented by TAIF JSC and Kazanorgsintez PJSC became unique in scale and difficulty for Russia in general. The lakes that were cleaned and deepened returned their former size and grew from recent 4,2 hectares of water surface to 36 ha. The complex of works lasted from 2016 to 2018. And in terms of popularity among Kazan citizens and guests of the capital, this site has few rivals today all year round.

A solemn opening ceremony of a new building of the Institute of Chemistry of Kazan Federal University built by TAIF. Photo:

“The construction sector of TAIF Group has been increasing energy and power year after year for more than a quarter of the century: houses, offices have been built, social, cultural and sports venues, administrative and industrial buildings, kindergartens and schools have been constructed. They all have been erected complying with the strictest architectural requirements and world standards,” notes Albert Shigabutdinov.

The construction and modernisation of facilities for the education system is at the centre of attention for Group. Throughout the activity of TAIF GC, it has built tens of such buildings: kindergartens in Kazan on Chetayev, Absalyamov, Bondarenko streets, a female Tatar school on Dekabristov Street in the capital of Tatarstan, a new building of the Institute of Chemistry of Kazan Federal University, etc.

A female Tatar school was built in Kazan with TAIF Group. Photo:

“A big job done to restore historical and cultural landmarks is a great example of the company’s social orientation. First of all, it is facilities in Bolgar, Sviyazhsk and Kazan that were restored within programmes of the Tatarstan Republican Fund for the Revival of Historical and Cultural Landmarks,” notes Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov.

“I can say with confidence that TAIF Group is an amazing example of a business community for both the Republic of Tatarstan and the whole country. TAIF can deservingly be proud of not only its production achievements, financial successes but also a responsible social policy, sponsorship and charity activity,” stressed State Adviser to the republic Mintimer Shaimiyev.

Mintimer Shaimiyev: “I can say with confidence that TAIF Group is an amazing example of a business community for both the Republic of Tatarstan and the whole country.” Photo: Roman Khasayev

Albert Shigabutdinov claims on behalf of all staff of TAIF GC: “We are grateful to the management of Tatarstan for the opportunity to participate in the conservation of the historical and cultural heritage of the republic, for the given chance to touch ancient holy sites and making our contribution to the revival of ancient Bolgar and the island town of Sviyazhsk.”

A museum in a complex of public institutions on the island town of Sviyazhsk revived by TAIF is one of the tourist points of attraction. Photo: archive of TAIF JSC

TAIF was one of the first to respond to Revival republican fund’s call. In the island town of Sviyazhsk, TAIF took on the reconstruction of a landmark of civil architecture in the traditions of early Classicism — a complex of public buildings — four buildings united with a brick wall with two gates. During different eras, it accommodated public offices with treasury, a prison, guard rooms, a hospital, a GULAG camp, a boarding school. In 2000, the facility obtained the status of a historical and cultural landmark. In May 2011, a history museum of Sviyazhsk settled in a carefully restored complex — today it is one of the most popular tourist sites of the island.

The reconstruction of the complex ended with TAIF Group’s efforts in May 2011. Photo: archive of TAIF JSC

In ancient Bolgar, a place where Islam was voluntarily adopted by Volga Bulgaria as official religion, TAIF participated in several processes: the construction of Russia’s first and nowadays only Islamic academy and a modern hotel for guests arriving in this ancient land, which was named after prominent Bolgarian poet Qul Gali.

In September 2017, Bolgarian Islamic Academy built with TAIF admitted the first students. Photo:

In Kazan, TAIF actively participated in the recreation of Our Lady of Kazan Cathedral. Director General of TAIF JSC Albert Shigabutdinov received a 3rd degree order of Glory and Honour of the Russian Orthodox Church from the hands of Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill for the special contribution to the recreation of the cathedral that is holy for all Orthodox Christians. The whole staff of TAIF JSC received a letter of gratitude from the Tatarstan president.

TAIF Group has many reconstructed, restored, revived facilities of historical heritage under its belt. It is the Kekin House in Kazan, a merchant’s mansion on M. Jalil Street (Avers Bank is now located there) and an exquisite example of civil engineering at the crossroads of former Poperechno-Lyadskaya and Staro-Gorshechnaya streets.

Many but not all facilities of civil engineering built, repaired or reconstructed with TAIF are in the book. Photo: Roman Khasayev

“For Tatarstan, TAIF Group is not only the development of the petrochemical and energy sectors, not only the participation in investment projects that have a strategic meaning for the country’s economy but also actively developing civil engineering shaping the image of modern Kazan, the reconstruction of architectural monuments, support for sports, charity,” believes senior adviser to the director general of economics and finance at TAIF JSC Guzeliya Safina.

Construction encyclopaedia by TAIF Group

Ruslan Shigabutdinov: “In construction, TAIF Group successfully and fruitfully made the bravest creative ideas a reality.” Photo: Roman Khasayev

“In construction, TAIF Group successfully and fruitfully made the bravest creative ideas resting on the best world experience and richest national traditions a reality. Our latest work standards raised the quality bar in Tatarstan’s construction to a new level, thus setting it for all urban developers,” stressed Vice Board Chairman of TAIF JSC Ruslan Shigabutdinov.

The book printed by TAIF is a kind of encyclopaedia of successful decisions in construction. Photo: Arseny Favstritsky

As Albert Shigabutdinov has repeatedly highlighted in his interviews. TAIF has always tried to achieve the greatest possible not only for Group’s business success but also for the success of the republic, people living in it. Therefore it is ready to generously share both experience and knowledge. If this is for the good of Tatarstan and Russia. The book that has seen the light — a kind of encyclopaedia of successful decisions in construction — is a tip for those companies that try to develop themselves and bring advanced ideas to life like TAIF. It is proof that many things are possible with well-considered planning and careful approach, even if somebody says this is unreal.

Sponsored report. TAIF JSC.

Arseny Favstritsky