Tat Cult Fest will be held despite being at risk of failure — the festival changes its site

The 5th Tat Cult Fest will take place in Kazan despite being at risk of failure. This year, the event will change its site — it will be held inside and around the Tatarstan National Library on 30 August 2022, its organisers told Realnoe Vremya.

The admission to the festival is free. The main programme will kick off at 15.00. Some sites will open earlier — at 12.00.

Rockers Gauga, Yummy Music Band with new singer Alina Sharipzhanova, Hommage synth-pop quartet, Ak Bure metal band from Chelny, KGB, representative of Namgar Buryat ethnic fusion and Bashkir pop freshman Timur Yamalov will perform on a big stage in front of the National Library.

Rap singers Usal and K-RU, Juna indie folk band as well as qaynar lab with an invited group of percussion performers that prepared an acoustic programme, Baradj adepts of Bulgarian metal, founders of sabr pop duet nor, Hagrin Kalmyk ethnic electro punk group, Chalama Tuva-Moscow trio chaired by throat singing master Radik Tyulyush and Tat Kid Lab children sing lab will be on a 360-degree small stage.

Also, a multimedia programme and performances based on Kazan cultural symbols will be presented at Tat Cult Fest. Kamil Kaletkika, Ildar Yakubov, Nurbek Batulla, Prometeus fund, TanyaMist, Maria Zhitina, Kira G, Olga Ol, Timofei Schultz, Vlad Kononkov and others participate in it. The building of the National Library will turn into a canvas for a mapping show.

Photo: Maxim Platonov (archive)

The festival also have areas for kids and parents, a showcase of films of Prometheus archive and Tatarstan directors. Citizens and guests of Kazan can also visit a book fair and food court.

Tat Cult Fest has been held in the Kazan Kremlin since 2018. It contains contemporary Tatar and Turkic music concerts, media art exhibitions, musicians, media artists and choreographers’ collaborations. During different years, Aigel, Zulya Kamalova, Nurminsky, PTU duet, Bashkarma band were headliners of the festival. creeptone media assisted by Yummy Music, the Tatarstan Ministry of Culture and Kazan Kremlin were the organisers of the festival.

This year, Tat Cult Fest turned out to be at risk of failure. The terms of reference in the tender for its organisation reads that the event should take place in the Tatarstan National Library, particularly with artists of Yummy Music. Their representatives claimed that Satellite from Moscow — the winner of the tender — hasn’t made any proposals. With the starting price of 8,82 million rubles, the company won a victory with a proposal for 7,32 million.

Tatiana Dyomina