Ronald McDonald’s House Charities to change its owner, name and logo

As Realnoe Vremya found out, Ronald McDonald’s House Charities on the territory of Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital in Kazan will change its owner, name and logo.

Director of the organisation Yulia Markova told Realnoe Vremya that Russian companies, not the global fund under whose aegis and support it was built with, will be the founders of the home. Neither is the project of the rebranding nor the list of variants of the would-be logo are known.

Markova stressed that nowadays the hotel for children who are receiving treatment and their parents continues operating like before, without any change.

“The operation of our project of the fund is run fully. We work in the previous mode and continue helping our families,” the director said.

It should be reminded that Ronald McDonald’s House Charities opened on 10 July 2013 with Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov’s support. It is located on the territory of Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital in Kazan and includes 24 rooms, several play rooms, a canteen, kitchen and laundry room. It is noteworthy that the hotel has accommodated more than 13,500 parents and children from different districts of the republic and other Russian cities in the last 9 years.

To go to Ronald McDonald’s House Charities, parents should go to their doctor in Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital’s unit where their child is receiving treatment. Staying in the hotel is absolutely free, while check-in is as simply as possible. The house annually hosts more than 600 families who need help. It should be noted that the annual maintenance of the hotel costs 12 million rubles.

Maxim Kokunin