“Doctors are coming off shifts like a squeezed orange”: Nizhnekamskneftekhim providing assistance to doctors

Yunost camp has become the centre for a comfortable stay for doctors in the period of the pandemic

“Doctors are coming off shifts like a squeezed orange”: Nizhnekamskneftekhim providing assistance to doctors
Photo: Alexander Ilyin

The entire shift — without removing masks and protective suits. Doctors and medical staff are working in an emergency mode and under conditions of enormous overwork, trying to resist the dangerous disease. Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC is creating conditions for employees of the Nizhnekamsk hospital to recover their strength before the next shift. The correspondent of Realnoe Vremya visited Yunost health camp, which is usually a popular place for children of employees of the petrochemical company today has become a centre of comfortable self-isolation for health care workers.

We are ready to provide 200 beds

Nizhnekamskneftekhim has reoriented its health camp to the camp for doctors of the hospital, where patients with COVID-19 are being treated. On April 30, the first 15 guests moved into the fifth building. Today, after a hard shift of half a day, 40 medical workers are returning to Yunost, their temporary home. So far, all of them have settled in one block, two people per room. But if necessary, the camp administration is ready to provide doctors with another building, increasing the number of places allocated for the needs of the health care system to 200. And not just to provide temporary accommodation but to create all the conditions for a really comfortable stay.

Sergey Khramov: “If necessary, we are ready to provide doctors with another building, increasing the number of places for medical workers to 200.” Photo: Alexander Ilyin

“We are cleaning twice a day. Two maids keep the rooms clean and sanitised. Doctors are coming off shifts like a squeezed orange. Imagine — 12 hours in these “anti-plague” suits! We try not to disturb those who are sleeping. As in a hotel, our guests hang homemade signs on the door with a request not to make noise and not to disturb," said the head of Youth recreation camp, Sergey Khramov.

Wi-Fi and the birds singing

After relaxing, guests can watch TV — they are on every floor, stretch with a ball or play board games. Many people prefer walking in the fresh air. The nature around is fascinating.

Medical workers are usually checked in two in a room. Photo: Alexander Ilyin

“I checked in on 30th. We like it, we can take a walk in the fresh air, in nature, listen to the singing of birds. It adds strength. It is very good that they have come up with this idea. And if we were at home, we wouldn't be able to go to work. It's very hard in these suits, it's like walking under a film, sweating. The shift lasts for 12 hours. And after masks for a long time there remain traces on the face. But then — we recover," Valentina Siraeva, the disinfector at the Nizhnekamsk District Multispecialty Hospital, shared impressions.

There is also an opportunity to communicate with your family. Wi-Fi is available, so you can not only talk to wives, husbands, children and parents, but also organize a real videoconference.

Wi-Fi is available, allowing doctors to make video calls home. Photo: Alexander Ilyin

“We call the family every day. Everything is fine at home. And here we have created excellent conditions. Silence, nature. We go to work full of energy. Thank you all very much," said Abduzhabor Gafurov. The local doctor of the Kamsko-Polyansky District Hospital asked to work in the hospital. He says that he couldn't stay away during such a difficult time. For two days, he was asking the management to send help to my colleagues in Nizhnekamsk. They agreed.

“I have a 5-year-old daughter at home. My husband accepted the news that I would be in the camp for the duration of my work with understanding. We are doctors, after all. This is our duty. Every day we communicate by video link," Alina Ushakova, a nurse of the surgical department, joined the conversation. She also noted that in such comfortable conditions, doctors are able to recover faster. If they stayed at home, they would not only have to worry about their relatives, but they would also be distracted by household chores. Here, the host party took care of everything.

Diverse, satisfying, 4 times a day

The camp staff really took all the trouble to serve the guests, and the catering department of Neftekhim volunteered to provide the catering services. As noted by doctors, if it were not for difficult shifts in the hospital, they would get fat for sure: the menu is varied and satisfying. Meals are organized directly in the buildings — on each floor there is a convenient dining area, where guests are invited four times a day.

Each floor has a comfortable dining area. Photo: Alexander Ilyin

For selfless work on the frontline of the coronavirus resistance

Self-isolation is a sure and justified step, the medical workers themselves believe. It is too early to predict how much work is still to be done in such a stressful mode and how the situation will develop. But this decision in itself will reduce all possible risks. Both for doctors and for those with whom they would have to be in contact.

“The decision to place our employees in self-isolation in Yunost camp was made because we value our specialists very much. We have taken all measures to ensure that no one gets sick. The hospital is provided with everything necessary. Thank to the city's management and the leaders of the city's main enterprises, who gave us this opportunity. In good conditions, with great food, sleep, rest for our employees who work hard, they have all the conditions," said the chief doctor of the Nizhnekamsk District Multispecialty Hospital Gabibulla Akhmedov.

He and his deputies stopped by to check on their employees, brought treats — huge pies and fruits, and, taking the opportunity, once again thanked all health workers for their selfless work on the frontline of the coronavirus resistance and all those who, by creating comfortable conditions for the life and recreation of doctors, make their work even more effective.

The chief doctor of the Nizhnekamsk District Multispecialty Hospital came to check on his subordinates and brought the treats. Photo: Alexander Ilyin

Nizhnekamskneftekhim actively joined the fight against coronavirus infection from the first days of the announcement of the pandemic. For example, the petrochemicals handed over to the Nizhnekamsk Central District Multispecialty Hospital about ten thousand medical masks, as well as non-woven material for their manufacture. Besides, personal protective equipment made by the company's volunteers was provided to employees of all city transport companies. At the request of the local administration, Nizhnekamskneftekhim gave the city the material for sewing 100,000 masks. The raw materials were provided by the subsidiary company Polymatiz. Besides, the irrigation equipment of Nizhnekamskneftekhim is disinfecting city streets, destroying pathogenic viruses and bacteria every night.

By Vera Muratova, Arseny Favstritsky