FINA President: Kazan can snatch 2023 World Aquatics Championships from Qatar

It is possible that Kazan can become the host of 2023 World Aquatics Championships two years earlier than planned. This possibility was announced on 31 October at a briefing by FINA President Julio Maglione. The capital of Tatarstan fought for the right to host the World Cup in 2023, but it was won by Qatar, now Kazan has the opportunity to host the championships in 2025. However, according to Maglione, our city can snatch the tournament from the competitor. Read more about this and the start of the sixth stage of FINA Swimming World Cup in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

The dates of the championship in Kazan to be known in 2021

On 31 October in Kazan, at a briefing dedicated to the start of the sixth stage of FINA Swimming World Cup, the president of the International Swimming Federation Julio Maglione announced the information that worried both fans of water sports and sports officials of Tatarstan. According to the head of FINA, the holding of the FINA Swimming World Cup in Qatar in 2023 is now in question. As you know, Kazan won the representative competitions in 2025 but fought with Qatar for the right to hold it two years earlier. If the rival of the Tatarstan capital refuses the World Cup, it is likely that Kazan will host the tournament.

“In 2025, we expect the world swimming championship in Kazan, perhaps it will be held here in 2023,” said Maglione. When asked when it will be known if Kazan hosts the water world cup in 2023, Maglione said: “Now are negotiating with the Executive Director of FINA, Mr. Marculescu, with the president of the Olympic Committee and the Organizing Committee in Qatar and expect a decision on their part.”

The president of the federation also noted: “When we talk about the world championships, we should take into account the 2021 Short Course Worlds, which also gathers the best athletes representing about 180 of our federations. In 2021, it will be held in Fukuoka. According to the results of these competitions, the final decision on the 2023 championships will be made,” Maglione explained.

President of the Russian Swimming Federation, four-time Olympic champion Vladimir Salnikov said that the Russian Organizing Committee for the World Championships continues to work with the same composition.

“There are different options about the format of the championship in Kazan. One of them is the construction of a new complex, which can host not only swimming competitions, but also in other sports. Kazan makes such decisions. The main thing is to ensure the number of seats according to the regulations, auxiliary facilities will still be needed. At the previous competitions, not only one pool was used, all the existing infrastructure was used and temporary pools for water polo and high diving were installed. The number of structures then varied from five to seven. I hope that we will see something new next time.”

“Kazan has changed the map of the trip”

“The history of the championship stages began a long time ago. We have been holding competitions in Russia for about 20 years. Kazan took the baton after Moscow. At the time, the capital of Tatarstan as a candidate for the 2015 World Cup caused some confusion. Then it looked modest against the background of other cities. But Kazan has gained great importance on the map of swimming and radically changed the situation “with geography” in our sport. The successes of our swimmers are also noticeable, the championship stage contributes to this, there are well-known athletes who popularize swimming,” said Vladimir Salnikov.

Julio Maglione remembered that a few years ago there were five swimming pools in Kazan. But after the major championship in 2015, their number has increased dramatically — now there are about 200 pools.

“Unfortunately, there are disappointing statistics in the world: many people die on the water. Therefore, it is necessary to pay due attention to swimming. In 2015, the championship was held at the highest level. On the field of the football stadium they even installed a swimming pool — an unprecedented fact! Members of the International Swimming Federation are organizations of 208 countries. Today, a large number of athletes from all over the world came to the 6th stage of the World Cup,” the President of FINA congratulated Kazan on a serious event.

He promised that next year, at the Olympic Games, even more medals in swimming will be awarded. And in 2022 Kazan will host the Short Course Worlds, but by the time the third term of leadership of the federation of Julio Maglione will have been completed, he will be replaced by a new head of FINA.

The famous also need support

Olympic bronze medalist, multiple medalist of the world and European championships, including in short course, Vladimir Morozov, taking part in the previous stages of the world championships this year, held the championship in the 100-metre freestyle, as well as in the 50-metre backstroke.

“The penultimate stage of the World Cup, I think, will be the most difficult, because, coincidentally, two days after it, the championship of Russia will take place, and the whole national team will come here. For me, the main task is not to lose at any distance. I hope it will be possible to do it. It is always a pleasure to be in Kazan. Yesterday we went to hockey, made a symbolic throw-in. There is always a very warm welcome here,” the honoured master of sports of Russia shared his immediate plans and impressions at a press conference.

Kazan also evokes pleasant emotions in two-time Olympic champion and five-time world champion Emily Seebohm, especially, according to her, she did not have time to see everything here in her previous visit.

“Of course, we all want to get as many points as possible, this will earn more money. But for me, it is important to improve personal results with each stage. We are on the eve of the Olympic Games. We need to train and show what we are capable of, and we need to give our best,” the Australian athlete said.

By Ekaterina Ablaeva