'The price is high, but it is cheaper than to watch football'

Red Bull Air Race 2018: now for money and at new site

'The price is high, but it is cheaper than to watch football' Photo: Maksim Platonov

Kazan will host Red Bull Air Race on August, 25-26. Kazan is the only city in Russia that hosts the unique air show, the debut took place last year and attracted the attention of a large number of residents and guests of the city — more than 90,000 people watched the flights over Kazan over two days. This year, the organizers of the festival expect to attract 120,000 spectators, but whether they will succeed — the big question. Inspired by last year's success, this year they decided to take a fee to enter the observation decks. Read the details in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

''Not a penny from the budget''

Kazan will host Red Bull Air Race world championship for the second time. The main difference between this year's competition and last year's is the price. Inspired by the success in the year 2017, when for two days the Kremlin embankment and the surrounding area were filled with people who want to look at air pirouettes — the traffic amounted to more than 90,000 people, in 2018 the organizers have decided to make the entrance fee. Let us remind that last year the entrance was also paid, but only to the stands of comfort class, and the cost was democratic — 1,500 rubles. This year people will have to pay even for standing places. The cost of the cheapest tickets — 150-300 rubles. For the money, you can visit Red Bull Park and look at the race from not the most winning points – behind the VIP stands. The cheapest sector is designed for 3,200 seats. Azat Kadyrov, head of the directorate of sports and social projects, modestly concealed how many tickets have already been sold.

A seat in the regular stand costs 2,000 rubles. According to Kadyrov, at the moment 70% of the tickets have been sold. The next price category is the grandstand Sky Lounge, the cost of the seat there starts from 15,525 rubles and ends with 79,350 rubles! The tickets to the tribune, Azat Kadyrov says, have also been sold at 70%.

''The price is quite high, but it is cheaper than to visit football,'' said Kadyrov philosophically, answering the question of Realnoe Vremya how much the organizers plan to gain from the sale of tickets. However, he again did not call the specifics: no matter how much they will gain — everything will go to cover organizational costs.

According to Kadyrov, at the moment 70% of the tickets have been sold. Photo: Maksim Platonov

According to the speaker's estimates, at least 120,000 people are expected to attract to the air races.

''We proceed from the fact that two zones will be involved, the second reason — that the event is held for the second time — the word of mouth will work out. Third, it is August, students, school students are coming back, besides, Kazan hosted matches of the World Cup, we expect that the visa-free regime by Fan ID will help to attract foreign fans,'' Kadyrov told.

According to him, ''the ticket sales are going well'', but the directorate still hopes that by the beginning of the competition ''the sales will grow''. Also, Azat Kadyrov noted that ''not a penny has been spent from the budget''. All expenses were taken by the sponsor — Tatspirtprom.

Miracles on bends: where to watch for free

About the location. This year the route will be not closer to the Kremlin embankment, but closer to the family centre Kazan — there will be the main observation deck. The scheme of the route will also different. If earlier it was long — from the Millennium bridge to the Lenin dam, this year it will be compact, and the most spectacular moments — flights between pylons — will take place directly in front of the stands. Those who want to save money and see from the Kremlin embankment (the entrance is free there) should take binoculars; little will be seen from the Lenin dam, which last year became one of the alternative viewing platforms.

Air Formula 1 will return in early June 2019

Technical moments. This year's race will be participated by 14 Master class pilots and six Challenger class pilots. What's the difference? Participants of Challenger hone the skills necessary to move to the top division — Master class.

The aircraft, together with the pilot and fuel, weighs no more than 1 tonne and accelerates to 370 km per hour. Pilots experience g-forces up to 12 g when at low altitude pass route, marked by 25-metre-high inflatable pylons. Those who show the best time win, at the same time for the cut of towers, overload, exceeding the maximum permissible level, and for inaccurate performance of aerobatics points they are deducted points or added seconds.

Russian pilots again do not take part in the race: ''I assume that there is a set of reasons — organizational, technical, financial. Let's hope that next year we will succeed,'' Azat Kadyrov said.

However, our pilots will still appear, but in the non-competitive programme. Aerobatics will be demonstrated by seven-time absolute world champion among women in aeroplane sports Svetlana Kapanina.

Kazan will host the fifth stage of Red Bull Air Race, then the pilots will go to Austria and in the United States. Air Formula 1 will return to Russia again in early June 2019.

''Why June? Because in July Kazan hosts the European triathlon championship, and in August — WorldSkills,'' Azat Kadyrov announced the events for the next year.

By Daria Turtseva