Echo of 'black Monday': stores of household appliances preparing for rising prices and a rush

Retailers interviewed by Realnoe Vremya claim that they maintain prices at the same level but do not promise stability in the future

Echo of 'black Monday': stores of household appliances preparing for rising prices and a rush Photo: Damira Khayrullina

Following the collapse of the ruble, retailers have begun to inform about an upcoming increase in prices for appliances and electronics. What's interesting, for not only foreign products, but also Russian ones. Retailers interviewed by Realnoe Vremya note that retail prices are remaining at a certain level but cannot promise this in the future, given a growth of the euro and dollar against the ruble. Meanwhile, people in Kazan haven't rushed to buy up appliances at the old price yet. Read the details in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Another 'black Monday'

The euro for the first time since March 2016 exceeded 80 rubles on 11 April, and the dollar for the first time in a year and a half grew above 64 rubles. While securities are falling in price amid new US sanctions against Russia, as well as the ruble, electronics networks report that European producers will increase the value of their commodities, which will subsequently affect end consumers — ordinary buyers. One of the first to write this was the head of Hi-Tech@Mail.Ru, Dmitry Ryabinin.

''Well, all hell breaks loose. Today, several companies in Russia have sent their partners 'good luck letters' that the ruble prices for their products can be revised next Monday if the rate doesn't return to the previous values by the end of the week,'' Ryabinin posted on Twitter. In another post, he warned consumers about price increases by 5-10% — 'for a start'. The commodity stock, he says, will be enough for 1-2 months, so an opportunity to purchase at the old price still exists.''

Without growth yet, but with a hazy future

M.Video, an appliances and electronics retail chain, confirmed the information that the European producers have notified them about the plans to increase retail prices by those 5-10% at the request of Realnoe Vremya. However, at the same time, the company noted that not only the exchange rate can affect the prices.

''As the experience of 2014-2015 has shown, retail prices for appliances not only depend on exchange rates but also they react to a weakening of the ruble with a slowdown and in a smaller volume,'' said the head of the department of public relations at M.Video, Valeria Andreyeva.

Thus far there has been no growth in prices for goods in stores of the network. M.Video continues to hold promotions, sales, offers by installments in the ordinary course and is doing everything possible to maintain current retail prices, conducting negotiations with the suppliers, explained in the company.

The press service of Beeline reported Realnoe Vremya that their online store is not expecting price increases so far. Nevertheless, against the background of the information about the fall of the ruble the company recorded last week an increase in customer demand.

''We are observing a 20% growth in retail revenue on the average over the past week, but it is premature to link this with the fall in the ruble exchange rate, since demand is influenced by a number of factors, including discounts for purchase of appliances in our salons. As for the prices, we systematically observe the pricing in the market, but the final price depends on selling prices of manufacturers. They remain at a certain level yet,'' commented in the press service of Beeline.

As TJ reported in Yulmart, some suppliers have already raised their rates by 10%, and not necessarily on the appliances of foreign production — among them there are those who produce goods in Russia. Photo: Vasilya Shirshova

As the press service of MTS informed, there is no question of raising prices in the retail network of the company either.

Other retailers recognize that price increases are inevitable. As Yulmart informed TJ, some suppliers have already raised their rates by 10%, and not necessarily on the appliances of foreign production — among them there are those who produce goods in Russia. The prices have risen for most computer components, half of the range of computers and laptops, as well as partially on household appliances, told Oleg Pchelnikov, the director of the direction 'Product' at the company Yulmart.

Cheat or not

Last time, in December 2014, the collapse of the ruble resulted in crowds of people in shops — to buy up before the prices increase. This time many people still do not believe that the prices will really rise, explaining the news about a growth by retailers' desire to earn. If you call as a buyer in Media Markt in Park House shopping centre, a polite consultant will tell you that they had no information about price increases in the near future. As well as a rush. However, in the event of such a situation the store is offering to reserve a good — then its price will remain the same.

However, roughly the same can be heard in the electronic discounter Citylink.

''The price may vary depending on the site update. In general, the price may change the next day. But within two weeks it will change in any case,'' told a young man. Judging by his words, an increased demand for goods in the network is not being observed.

By Maria Gorozhaninova