‘Young people are the future of our country’

‘Young people are the future of our country’
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Tatarstan celebrates Youth Day

Festive events dedicated to Youth Day took place in Russia yesterday. At a meeting at the Government House of the Republic of Tatarstan, the rais of Tatarstan stated that the republic is the leader in the effectiveness of the implementation of youth policy and also congratulated the people of Tatarstan on the holiday.

“Educating the younger generation and creating broad opportunities for self-realisation of young people is our most important task. Young people are the future of our country. Tatarstan supports all youth projects," said Rustam Minnikhanov.

Tatarstan is the leader in the effectiveness of the implementation of youth policy, it took first place in the all-Russian rating. взято с сайта minmol.tatarstan.ru

Earlier, the Ministry of Youth Affairs of the republic told Realnoe Vremya about the ideas for the development of youth spaces in Tatarstan. Yesterday, one of the federal venues for celebrating Youth Day was organised in the Uram Extreme Park in Kazan. Festive events are also planned in all cities and districts of the republic. “It is necessary to adequately carry out all measures in compliance with security measures," the rais of Tatarstan instructed.

“Our task is not only to educate excellent students, but also patriots”

In working with young people and the younger generation, special attention should be paid to the preservation of national traditions, culture and native language. The leadership of the republic noted the important mission of educators and classroom teachers.

“Our task is not only to educate excellent students — they are also needed, but also to educate patriots of our republic, our country. We need to change our attitude to this work," Rustam Minnikhanov stressed. “We should all move in this direction together.

A special space for young people is being created in Kazan

Today, about 350 thousand people between the ages of 14 and 35 live in Kazan. There are five large youth centres for them. Their main target audience is young people living in nearby neighborhoods, so territorial accessibility is of paramount importance. For example, the youth center named after Gaidar is located in the Aviastroitelny district of Kazan, the Helicopter youth centre begins operating soon, aimed at young people of the Kirovsky district, the Yuldash youth centre covers the youth of the village of Yudino, the Sandugach youth centre and the Yaratam youth centre for young people of the Moskovsky district. Special space for the youth of the republic will be created soon in the Kazan Recreation Center of Chemists, which was transferred to the Ministry of Youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan:

“Even if the capital of our republic has a fairly modern infrastructure for young people of all ages, the presence of a youth centre as a separate facility with high-quality content and positioning of the “space for youth” is a very important condition for the formation of a full-fledged and harmonious environment for young people. In this sense, the environment is needed so that as many young people as possible prefer to stay in Kazan, develop here, realise their creative and professional potential, and become an active resident of the republic," said Rinat Sadykov, Minister of Youth of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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