Engineering networks of Innopolis SEZ to be expanded for 250 million rubles

Engineering networks of Innopolis SEZ to be expanded for 250 million rubles
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As Realnoe Vremya found out, 250 million rubles will be allocated to expand engineering networks of Innopolis Special Economic Zone located in Verkhny Uslon, Tatarstan. The republic budget was the source of funding that need to be done until this December. A greater capacity of the module boiler of the SEZ. Nowadays its workload is above the permitted indicators, which can lead to a serious accident. Read more in Realnoe Vremya’s report.

New networks, pumps and thermal units: how the networks of the SEZ will be updated

The renovation project of the engineering network of the SEZ was created by KER-Generation. It envisages the reconstruction of the thermal energy regulation hub of the main building of the boiler located in Innopolis. However, before the works, the contractor will have to do a large-scale reconstruction of the existing heating system.

The allowed workload on the existing pipelines, according to calculations factored in during the construction cannot exceed 14.300 WT, however, in fact it reaches 38.800 WT.

So to avoid accidents and other unpleasant consequences, the contractor will have to lay new networks from steel pipes. Also, some segments of the new pipeline will be installed measuring devices that will register data on pressure and temperature. Tikhonov (archive)

As it was said above, to provide a stable operation of the networks, the project envisages installing a circulation pump and replacing a thermal energy regulation unit. The new devices will increase the capacity of the boiler and the temperature inside at the same time. To solve the latest problem, the facility is going to be installed additional air seals providing the necessary air flow.

Innopolis has spent huge amounts on network modernisation many times

It should be reminded that the problem of the engineering networks on the territory of Innopolis Special Economic Zone has been topical for many years now. In late May, Realnoe Vremya wrote that the construction of new sewage treatment facilities in this place was given 993.3 million first and another 971.6 million rubles then.

The budget of the republic covers the costs on construction, assembly and other works, including the installation and assembly of equipment. The works have to be done until 20 December 2023. Nazmetdinov (archive)

Besides the outdoor networks and equipment installation, the project enumerates land works, foundation laying, the construction of bearing walls, outdoor fences, laying electrical and communication networks and beautification.

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