New schools designed to be built in Kazan

New schools designed to be built in Kazan
Photo: Tikhonov

As Realnoe Vremya found out, Kazan authorities are planning to build three new schools at once. The press service of the city administration said the documents are still being approved and haven’t yet been confirmed, while the construction is possible with dedicated funding.

A school on Mekhovschikov is designed for 1,100 students. The school is going to be surrounded by a shopping mall and a hotel, two residential complexes and a green zone.

The total area of the school is to be 1,36 hectares. It is noteworthy that the project documentation reads the area of the school will reduce by 8%. Build-up urban development is the reason. It is said the school will have an individual project, its territory can have special running lanes as well as a skiing and running route.

At the same time together with the sports routes this area is going to be provided with transport infrastructure too. Buses, tramways and trolleybuses are expected to be launched.

Schools on Magistralnaya to turn into educational cluster

As for the schools on Magistralnaya, it is going to be an educational cluster. Would-be educational establishments are designed for 1,800 students, including an extracurricular education centre. It is due to accommodate up to 300 people.

Both schools must be equipped with a swimming pool. The total area of both the schools and the centre is 8,25 hectares. Public transport is also supposed to be launched.

“The new schools need 60 billion rubles”

In reply to locals’ requests to build new schools the city administration says the education office annually submits applications to the Tatarstan Ministry of Education. The case is that schools are built with federal public money. The construction of a school needs around 1,5 billion rubles on average. Around 60 billion rubles are needed to meet the need for seats in the city’s educational organisations. According to the city’s authorities, it is comparable with Kazan’s two-year budget.

Photo: Tikhonov

Representatives of the city administration say Kazan outruns other big cities of the country in the construction speed of schools and kindergartens except for Moscow and Saint Petersburg. They also add that the population of the city grows rapidly, this is why the need for educational institutions increases too.

Artur Kazantsev

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