Rustam Minnikhanov — to businesses: ‘You showed acumen and perseverance in the period of global changes’

At the meeting with the rais of the Republic of Tatarstan, entrepreneurs asked to expand the potential of industrial mortgage, help with entering new sales markets, and with preferences in shopping centres

Rustam Minnikhanov — to businesses: ‘You showed acumen and perseverance in the period of global changes’
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“If you have not been recorded, you have every right to raise your hand and say: there is a particular problem. Maybe we won't solve everything at once, but we need to know what is bothering you," Rustam Minnikhanov called for an honest conversation at the meeting with businesses — Dialogue Without Distances. The rais of the republic was heard. Thus, the head of Razvitie industrial parks management company requested republican support measures, the owner of a clothing brand — the preferential right to trading places, another businessman — assistance in bringing Tatar honey to foreign markets, which is often passed off as Bashkir one. Read the details in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

“I am Tatarstan”

The business community had the opportunity to meet directly with Rustam Minnikhanov for a simple reason — that day was Day of Russian Entrepreneurship. And the authorities did not want to limit themselves to congratulations.

“We should always stay abreast of SMEs. After all, they account for a significant part of the GRP, they employ 40% of the able-bodied population. This is a huge force. But it also has urgent questions, like all sectors of the economy after the shock of 2022," the organisers explained the purpose of the meeting.

However, they tried to give the dialogue rather a festive mood. In a short video telling about entrepreneurial growth, exceptionally positive notes were sounded, united by the single slogan “I am Tatarstan”. As it turned out, this is a new brand that is being promoted in Tatarstan business.

Newcomers — entrepreneurs who have not yet entered the public media field, but have worked for a long time “on the ground” and were able to take advantage of state support measures, were invited to talk with the rais. Among them — Vladimir Vorontsov, the owner of the cheese factory, individual entrepreneur, Yazil Mullahaziev, the chairman of the Tatar Baly agricultural cooperative for processing honey, Svetlana Zaynutdinova, the founder of the women's clothing brand Ennstore, and other businessmen. They were united by the fact that many took advantage of preferential microloans from 2 to 5 million rubles.

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“Industrial mortgage is not yet giving the effect that was expected”

The meeting with entrepreneurship acquired a business tone after they started talking about industrial parks in Tatarstan again. This is a rather painful topic, since the occupancy rate of municipal parks is still low. “Our industrial parks are only 56 percent loaded. This is very little," said Minnikhanov. How do we load them?

Konstantin Puchkin, the director of Razvitie industrial parks management company (Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Mendeleevsk) outlined his vision. Currently, two queues of the industrial park in the automotive city have been loaded, 18 residents are working, 400 jobs have been created. The third stage is being designed. Nizhnekamsk industrial park is also loaded in two queues (16 residents work, 300 jobs). The speaker said that very little contributed to the economic flourishing of the Nizhnekamsk industrial park — the construction of an access road.

“Nizhnekamsk participated in the selection of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and received a subsidy of 25,7 million rubles. Prior to that, each resident had to spend up to 100 thousand rubles a month on shift transportation of personnel. Now a similar application is being considered in the VEB RF for the construction of the infrastructure of the park in Mendeleevsk," Puchkin said.

But municipal industrial parks do not have access to federal resources, he admitted: “There are municipal parks in the districts. They have no opportunity to participate in federal programmes.”

Effective management companies could buy back assets with the help of a new financial instrument — a mortgage, but it has limitations. “This rule is common only for large enterprises. While management companies are developers," he said.

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“Industrial mortgage is purely a declaration, it does not give the effect that was expected," Rustam Minnikhanov agreed with him. “It is very narrow, as it is limited by a limit of 500 million rubles.

The rais of the republic reported that the head of the Ministry of Economy made a proposal to increase the limit so that SMEs could use them. “On May 29, we will once again voice these questions," he said. “It is necessary to connect to the industrial mortgage, it would be a good support.”

How Tatar honey is sold under the guise of Bashkir one

Chairman of the Tatar Baly agricultural cooperative for honey processing Yazil Mullahaziyev requested support for the export of Tatar honey. Bashkir honey is still sold abroad, which is collected in the surrounding districts — Agryzsky, Bavlinsky. He declared his readiness to promote it under the local Tatarstan brand, but for this, it is necessary to pass a full cycle of certification in the Rosselkhoznadzor of the Russian Federation. The rais of the republic approved the idea and advised to consolidate the brand so that there were no fakes.

“How presentable you are! One can immediately see that they make a good shampoo, the hair grows," Minnikhanov joked when the commercial director of the beauty workshop, Iskander Khaliullov, joined the conversation.

Olesya Mustayeva's Workshop is engaged in the production of cosmetics. Last year, it became the winner in the Best Goods and Services — GEMMA 2022 International Quality Competition. The company is preparing a project to promote cosmetics in Russia. “In Crimea, every shop sells different cosmetics as a souvenir, but the packaging is not so good. We are preparing a project with native motives so that it is beautiful and high-quality," the entrepreneur explained. This year, the company plans to expand production at the Innopolis industrial park in Laishevo.

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Businesses asked for preferences in shopping centres

The owner of a clothing brand, Svetlana Zaynutdinova, asked to consider the possibility of granting preferential rights in shopping centres. According to her, now the company rents a suitable location in a large shopping centre, but the operator is in no hurry to renew the contract in this place.

“There is a request that the retail space in KazanMall on the ground floor be reserved for us, so that there is an advantage for local brands. But they don't really want to do it," she complained.

“Oleg, it is necessary to invite retail chains to leave these places for them," Rustam Minnikhanov instructed the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan — Oleg Korobchenko. “An entrepreneur is a person who always looks for, creates. I assure you that the leadership of the republic will always support your initiatives and ideas. Entrepreneurs have always been an initiative and active part of our population. During the period of global changes, you showed acumen and perseverance, saved jobs. Thus, you have made a huge contribution to the preservation of social stability.”

The rais of Tatarstan clarified that consistent work is carried out in the republic to develop entrepreneurial initiatives, a set of federal and regional support measures is being implemented, which include preferential loans and subsidies, grant support programmes for start-up entrepreneurs, free services for the development of their own businesses.

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