Interparliamentary hearings, 127 business sessions: how updated KazanForum to be held

Interparliamentary hearings, 127 business sessions: how updated KazanForum to be held
Photo: Platonov (archive)

The head of the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina told what meetings and topics for discussion are planned at the international economic forum Russia — the Islamic World: KazanForum. The programme currently includes 127 business sessions.

“It is formed by tracks, on various topics. The first big topic is international cooperation, and we expect that in addition to our traditional meetings with ambassadors extraordinary and plenipotentiary of foreign states in Russia, which we have always held, additional sessions will be held here, for example, about common history," Taliya Minullina said. The session “Russia — OIC countries: Common History” is being prepared with the State Archive.

Russia — Persian Gulf interparliamentary hearings and a session on tourism and the development of conditions for increasing tourist flow to Islamic countries and the Russian Federation are planned — as Taliya Minullina clarified, we are talking about mutual “exchange” of tourists. The programme also includes conferences Russia — Turkey, Russia — Egypt, Russia — Indonesia, Russia — Azerbaijan, Russia — Uzbekistan, and Russia— Malaysia.

Photo: Platonov (archive)

Traditionally, a course on Islamic finance will be held. A large number of sessions on the Halal industry are planned, including on product certification, export development, and the formation of a modern system of training specialists in this field. There will be a session with the State Duma on the prospects of legal regulation of partner financing in Russia.

The Russia — the Islamic World: KazanForum forum will be held in Kazan on May 18-19. It is expected that the leadership of Russia will take part in it.

As Taliya Minullina reminded, the forum used to be called KazanSummit. In January 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree, according to which the international economic forum Russia — the Islamic World: KazanForum will be held in Kazan every year.

Marat Khusnullin, who heads the organising committee for the preparation and holding of KazanForum, said this month that Vladimir Putin's decree means that KazanSummit has been raised to a new level. “Good experience has been gained on the basis of KazanSummit, which has been held by Tatarstan for many years: there were 60 participating countries last year. We are really now making such a large Russian forum on the basis of this event.”

The forum has been held in Tatarstan for 13 years on an annual basis. This year it will be held for the 14th time.

Delegations from CIS countries, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa will be invited to KazanForum. It will be possible to talk about specific individuals and delegations closer to the forum, said Gazinur Bakirov, assistant to the rais of Tatarstan.

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