The task of partial mobilisation in Tatarstan completed, Rustam Minnikhanov says

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov said that the task of partial mobilisation in the republic was completed.

“A big job has been done by the conscription commission of the republic for mobilisation chaired by Prime Minister Alexey Pesoshin and his first deputy Rustam Nigmatullin together with municipal commissions led by city and regional leaders. The militaries who have been conscripted over the last week are now at military bases of the Kazan Supreme Command College,” the head of the republic claimed.

Director of the college and General Mayor Kirill Kulakov must properly organise the work to equip and train military units.

As Minnikhanov noted, nowadays one of the main tasks is to care about families of the militaries and citizens conscripted within partial mobilisation. According to him, there is a series of support measures for this purpose.

Also, the activity of Help is Here! republican movement has resumed in the region. The Ministry for Youth Affairs is an authorised body that is responsible for its coordination. There has been opened an account for raising money and a system to address people’s petitions receiving by the hotline.

As of 28 October, 28,330 petitions were processes and 675 volunteers were used. Taskforces have been created in all cities and districts of Tatarstan, including in the republic’s 15 universities.

The president tasked the Cabinet of Ministers to prepare and hold a joint meeting of the taskforce and the republican conscription commission to consider the results of partial mobilisation, tasks designed to provide safety in the region and support measures for militaries’ families.


Late last week, the country’s Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu said that all events related to the partial mobilisation were over at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

218,000 mobilised men are in training areas and undergoing combat training. After the training, 82,000 men conscripted within partial mobilisation have already been sent to the operating troops, added the defence minister.

He noted that military commissariats would continue the conscription only by recruiting volunteers and candidates for contract-based service.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia announced partial mobilisation on 21 September. As the country’s Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu said, 300,000 reservists are eligible.

Maxim Kokunin