Potatoes and bananas rise in price in Tatarstan; eggs, bread and salt fall

What products have fallen in price in a week

A number of food products have risen in price in Tatarstan over the past week from May 13 to May 20, Tatarstan State Statistics Service reports.

Potatoes rose the most — by 8,46%, apples — 3,02%, bananas — 1,91%. Butter and sunflower oil also rose in price — an increase of 1,29% and 1,02%, respectively. Frozen roundfish, sugar, milk, rye and rye-wheat bread rose in price.

Milled rice, beef, buckwheat, carrots, tomatoes, chicken eggs, cucumbers and fresh white cabbage became cheaper compared to the previous week. Meat — beef, pork, chickens, sausages also fell in price. As for meat, mutton became more expensive.

What fell in price from May 6

As of the beginning of the month, on May 6, the price of the most expensive product — potatoes — was 54,36 rubles, while on May 20 it reached 60,83 rubles. That is, in two weeks the cost increased by 11,9%. Apples rose by 5,16% from May 6, bananas — by 2,88%. Butter and sunflower oil — by 1,67% and 0,77%, respectively. Beef (except boneless meat), rose by 0,83%, sugar — by 0,35%.

Dry milk mixes and canned fruit and berries for baby food, chicken eggs, table salt, rye and rye-wheat bread, bread and bakery products made of wheat flour of various varieties fell in price.

According to official statistics, the cheapest products in the period from May 6 to May 20 were white cabbage — 11,41% and chicken eggs — 18,85%.

Photo: realnoevremya.ru

In April of this year, annual inflation in Tatarstan was 18,59% after 18,08% in March. This is lower than in the Volga Federal District, where it was 18,79%, but higher than in Russia as a whole — 17,83%. The annual increase in food prices in Tatarstan accelerated to 21,45% after 18,91% in March.

Margarita Golovatenko