Hotel occupancy rates in Kazan on May holidays is already 85-100%

Hotel occupancy rates in Kazan on holidays from 30 April to 3 May is already a hunder per cent, said head of the Tatarstan State Committee for Tourism Sergey Ivanov at a press conference dedicated to the opening of the next tourist season on 27 April.

About 85% of rooms have been booked for the second part of the holidays, from 7 to 10 May. Sergey Ivanov didn’t make general forecasts for how many tourists could visit Kazan and the republic during the season in general. At the same time, he stressed that a rise of domestic tourism is expected this year.

“Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched, I always say it. Let’s live the May holidays, understand how many tourists will come to us. We expect them to be many, hotel occupancy rates are already very high,” he claimed.

Also, the head of the Tatarstan State Committee noted that this season new programmes, holiday locations awaited tourists from Russia and Tatarstan residents themselves.

It should be reminded that Kazan finished fourth in a rating of the most popular cities for May holidays among tourists, says OneTwoTrip after analysing data on booking fro 1 to 15 May.

During the upcoming May holidays, Kazan is preparing to host about 100,000 tourists. As Director of the Committee for Tourism Development Daria Sannikova said, the average hotel occupancy rates during this period are 60-90%. Kazan has 229 hotels that can host more than 16,000 tourists.


On 18 April, head of the Russian Agency for Tourism Zarina Doguzova said that Tatarstan ranked fifth on a list of the most popular destinations within a tourism cashback programme. Krasnodar Krai, Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Moscow Oblast were in the lead together with the republic.

Angelina Panchenko