Weather in Tatarstan: 'Snow is not expected this week in any way. October is above normal'

Weather in Tatarstan: 'Snow is not expected this week in any way. October is above normal'

First snow in Tatarstan is expected at the junction of October and November

Last weekend, several weather forecasters warned that residents of Central Russia should wait for the first herald of winter this week — snow . However, warm weather has been established in Tatarstan so far, which does not portend white flakes from the sky at all.

As Yury Perevedentsev, professor of the Department of Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Ecology at the Institute of Ecology and Nature Management of the KFU, told Realnoe Vremya, Tatarstan residents should not wait for snow this week. According to him, even rains are unlikely in the coming days, “weak” precipitation is forecast for Thursday and Friday.

“Snow is not expected this week in any way. Because October is still higher than normal, according to the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia. Our climatic norm of the average daily temperature should be about 4 degrees," Perevedentsev said, noting that temperatures are much higher than this mark.

The professor reminded that the first snow falls when the average daily temperature falls below zero. According to his forecast, this should be expected in Tatarstan only at the end of this month.

“The first snow at the junction of October and November appears in Tatarstan, and a permanent snow cover when the temperature crosses 5 degrees below zero. This will approximately happen around on November 17-19," Perevedentsev said.

At the same time, the professor admits that snow can really fall in Moscow, since cold air masses will prevail there this week. “Precipitation is not forecasted, and night temperature is zero in only one case. So, there is a possibility of frosts, but it's okay, it's time for them. From Wednesday, daytime temperatures begin to rise," Perevedentsev added.

By the way, last year the first snow fell in Tatarstan on October 21. In the morning, residents of Zelenodolsk and Innopolis saw the snow-covered streets, and then the centre of Kazan. However, it did not stay long and on the same day melted. In Nizhnekamsk, the first snow in 2020 fell only on November 10.

Hydrometeorological Centre of Tatarstan forecasts wet snow on Wednesday

Meanwhile, according to the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Centre of the Republic of Tatarstan, already this Wednesday, October 20, light rain is expected in Tatarstan, and in some areas, in addition to it, sleet. At night, the temperature will drop to 3 degrees below zero.

Yevgeny Tishkovets, leading employee of Fobos Weather Centre, also forecasts snow in Central Russia this week. He also said that the weather in the coming days will be in turmoil — “nature will rapidly throw us into the climatic future of the beginning of November, then a month ago — into the meteorological past of the September finale”.

According to Tishkovets, snow, frosts and, as a result, the first ice are forecast on Wednesday night. This day is going to become the coldest next week. A maximum of 5 degrees above zero is expected in the afternoon.

Bashkiria has already taken the snow blow upon itself

This autumn, snow has already fallen in neighbouring Bashkiria. At the same time, it literally covered the north-eastern regions of the republic — the layer of snow cover in some places reached 11 centimeters. The snow-white surprise in the last days of September caused problems on the roads, visibility deteriorated, dozens of cars got stuck on the highways, accidents occurred.

However, residents of Bashkiria could prepare for a snow strike — the Bashkiria Hydrometeorological Centre warned about this. Precipitation was observed in Sibai, Uchaly, Beloretsk and Abzelilovsky districts.

Tatyana Demina