About how TAIF-NK cultivates love for healthy lifestyle

About how TAIF-NK cultivates love for healthy lifestyle
Photo: provided by TAIF-NK PSC

TAIF-NK annually holds competitions in various sports disciplines to cultivate in its employees healthy lifestyle. They reveal the best in football, volleyball, table tennis. This year the competitions have started with cross-country skiing — at the start there were more than 20 teams. Read more about how one of the largest oil refineries of the republic supports sport in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Competitions in cross-country skiing for TAIF-NK Cup

The annual competitions for TAIF-NK Cup gathered more than 170 people. The first at the start there were women's teams: six teams from different divisions of the enterprise fought for the main trophy of the competition. The women's distance was 2 km, the men had to cover 3 km.

Each team consists of eight people, including both professional athletes and amateurs. TAIF-NK specially rents the training base Almash to give the company's employees an opportunity to do ski sports. The teams are given time to train several times a week, and all the other employees can come and train at any convenient time for them.

''The teams train at the training base Almash. We have to pre-book specially for them a certain time as there are many of those wishing. Other employees can come at any time and spend their leisure time with health benefits,'' Anisa Biktimirova, the chairperson of the TAIF-NK labour collective, explained.

More than 20 teams competed for the main prize. Photo: provided by TAIF-NK PSC

TAIF-NK's leadership regularly allocates money to promote sport

On the training base there are professional tracks of different distances: ski tracks for two, three, five and seven and a half kilometres. The track is illuminated, so they can train in the evenings. In each team there is a professional athlete who acts as a mentor.

''Our teams have been formed a long time ago, and we rent the training base from year to year. This is very good for the health of the employees, and I think that the development of sport should always be welcomed. Our management supports us and regularly allocates money to create comfortable conditions for sports,'' Anisa Biktimirova continues.

All winners received team trophies, individual medals and cash prizes. Photo: provided by TAIF-NK PSC

In the fight for the Cup of TAIF-NK PSC in the individual event the victory was achieved by Elena Kuznetsova, a laboratory worker of chemical analysis of the shop No. 16 at the oil refinery, and Konstantin Guslyakov, a mechanic of the fourth category of the shop No. 13 at the oil refinery. In the team event, the first place among women was taken by the team of the refinery, among men — by the team of the gasoline plant. All winners received team trophies, individual medals and cash prizes.

''Such competitions should be held more often so that the employees adopted a healthy lifestyle,'' said participant of the competition Ilfat Nabiev.

Winter football and an ice rink in Neftekhimik

In the list of winter sports there is also football. For trainings TAIF-NK rents the football field Druzhba, where twice a week employees are given time for training. Among athletes there are also both professional players and amateurs. They also have a team of TAIF-NK, which regularly competes in the Champions League of Tatarstan.

''We have regular competitions in summer football, but the guys asked to arrange competitions in winter football as well, so we have held them this season, too. The same rules apply, they just play here in snow,'' said Anisa Biktimirova, the chairperson of the TAIF-NK labour collective.

This season they have also held competitions in winter football. Photo: provided by TAIF-NK PSC

In order to cultivate in the employees healthy lifestyle, TAIF-NK holds sports championships regularly. The workers compete in table tennis, paintball, football, volleyball, relay race. Now TAIF-NK is negotiating to rent an ice rink in the ice Sports Palace Neftekhimik so that the employees of the company could skate on a free basis.

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By Ksenia Zharkova