A Leninogorsk fugitive to be added prison sentence for preparation a terrorist attack against Americans in Turkey?

The detained Tatarstan citizen claims that the video from surveillance camera presented at the Turkish court is fake

A Leninogorsk fugitive to be added prison sentence for preparation a terrorist attack against Americans in Turkey?
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A native of Leninogorsk, Renat Bakiyev, has been spotted in an international scandal. The 23-year-old citizen of Tatarstan has been accused of preparation a terrorist attack on an American plane in Turkey. Interestingly, before the detention, the Turkish court had already sentenced Bakiyev in absentia for the same offence, which has already being investigated for 2 years by the Main investigation department of the Interior Ministry of Tatarstan.

Detention during a bike ride

A young man from Tatarstan Renat Bakiyev has turned out to be in the spotlight of the Turkish media. He was taken to the courthouse of the city of Adana. Leaving the country in 2014, Bakiyev now is being accused of a high-profile case of preparing a terrorist attack. According to Turkish security officials, he was planning to shoot down an American plane near Incirlik Air Base using a drone and to blow up a worship house of the Alawites (one of the movements, which representatives live in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria). He was detained by security forces while exploring the countryside by bicycle around the prayer house.

As the news agency DHA reported, the arrest was the result of the work of the antiterrorist operation and control department of the Turkish intelligence, performing ''technical and physical support'' of the object.

It is also reported that during the surveillance it became known that Bakiyev attended the educational foundation Furkan Eğitim ve Hizmet Vakfı. Later, during a questioning, he admitted that ''they (the members of the foundation – editor's note) support the idea of the caliphate, so I attended their meetings, listened to the speeches of Abdullah Kuytul.'' The latter is a representative of the large Islamic community, by the way, he owns his own channel.

To buy a drone through Telegram Messenger

Some Russian media reported that Bakiyev was sentenced to 6 years and 3 months in prison. It was later revealed that the sentence had been imposed earlier, in absentia, Bakiyev was punished with prison for participating in a terrorist organization. By that time, he had already managed to leave the country. According to the newspaper Hurriyet, before the trial Renat Bakiyev had been detained in the city of Kilis while trying to go from Syria to Turkey and expelled from the country by the decision of the Republican Prosecutor of Kilis. After the verdict, the Turkish security forces were sent out the order to detain Bakiyev, a citizen of Tatarstan, in case of return to Turkey and to deport to serve time in jail. However, the intelligence decided first to start tracking out connections of the unwanted guest.

In the course of the surveillance, as the Turkish media report, it was found that Renat tried to buy a drone through Telegram and asked other members of terrorist organizations for financial assistance — about 2,800 liras. But, fortunately, to no avail.

During interrogations, the Tatarstan citizen admitted that he was involved in the banned in Russia terrorist group ISIS, called the Alawites the enemies of Allah and called for violence against them. According to his confession, being in Syria he participated in ''Jihad''. He had no problems with communication. Bakiyev fluently speaks English, Arabic and Turkish.

It is not reported on the date of Bakiyev's arrest, but at the same time in the press one can find information that the visit to the court was preceded by 13 days of interrogation. Interestingly, in the court the Tatarstan citizen said that the presented to the court video from surveillance camera is fake.

The information of the Russian media about the fact that before departure to ISIS Bakiyev was a student of the Kazan Federal University and studied at the geological faculty was not confirmed in the university

He is awaited in Tatarstan

Renat Nailyevich Bakiyev was born in Leninogorsk on 24 March 1994. He was registered in this city on Nekrasov Street, for some time lived and studied in Kazan. A few years ago he left Russia and, according to the Interior Ministry, went to the East — to fight for Islamic state (terrorist organization banned in Russia) in the Syrian Arab Republic. A defendant in a criminal case in Russia he had become earlier than in Turkey. However, the FSB and Interior Ministry are not in a hurry to comment on the story of criminal prosecution.

As Realnoe Vremya found out, the criminal case against Bakiyev in GSU Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan was initiated 2 years ago, in July 2015. Under the part 2 of the article 208 of the criminal code (participation in an illegal armed formation on the territory of a foreign state). On 10 August 2015, in Tatarstan Bakiyev was announced in the federal wanted list, then in absentia he was indicted and arrested.

The decision of the Kazan court of 15 October 2015 says that as soon as the accused Bakiyev is found in Russia, he is immediately to be placed into custody for two months. However, the native of Leninogorsk never showed up in Leninogorsk. According to the sources of Realnoe Vremya, in the course of the investigation it became clear that Bakiyev left the country in April 2014. He flew from Begishevo to Istanbul, and then to Egypt, ostensibly for education in a theological institution.

In March 2016, it was announced in the international wanted list. Bakiyev was also included in the list of terrorists and extremists of Russian financial monitoring service. Banks and citizens are prohibited to carry out remittances to the address of such persons, this equates to financing of terrorism.

The information of the Russian media about the fact that before departure to ISIS Bakiyev was a student of the Kazan Federal University and studied at the geological faculty was not confirmed in the university. ''If someone on the page in social networks indicated that that person studied in our university, it does not mean that it is true. He is not mentioned in the database of our students and graduates,'' said the press secretary of the university Kamill Gareyev. However, he also noted that the data about expelled students is in the archive and it is not available in the database.

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