The best Tatarstan coach earns 225k rubles monthly

The best Tatarstan coach earns 225k rubles monthly
Photo: Platonov

Nowadays the best coach in the republic earns 225k rubles a month. First Vice Minister of Sport of Tatarstan Khalil Shaykhutdinov said this at a joint meeting of the Tatarstan State Committee for Budget, Taxes and Finance and the committee’s Expert Council.

According to him, it is a specialist in synchronised swimming. This coach is followed by a belt wrestling coach — 178k a month. Platonov

At the same time, Shaykhutdinov says the average salary of a coaching staff in the republic is 52.800 rubles, while those involved in physical culture and sport is just 33.000 rubles.

“We have a new payroll system: a salary is paid for the number of children and a result. We talked about support for coaches. We have one-time payouts to the coach, to the athlete from the Russian tournament to the Russian championship. Even though leading Tatarstan athletes aren’t performing in international competitions due to the sanctions, the leader of the republic ordered us to additionally pay 50.000 rubles a month for the Russian championship (Editor’s note: it used to be 20.000 rubles),” the first vice minister of sport of Tatarstan said.

Shaykhutdinov admitted that primary schools coaches and rural specialists find it especially difficult because there aren’t any federations and big sports clubs. However, he said that coaches who are just starting their career will receive a one-time payout of 100.000 rubles in 2024 instead of 20.000 following Tatarstan Rais Rustam Minnikhanov’s instructions.

In addition, the regional ministry and the Russian ministry are discussing the possibility of stimulating specialists with financial incentives to work with kids in the countryside. Tikhonov

“Today we are working with the Russian Ministry of Sport to pay up to a million rubles to rural coaches starting their career like rural doctors. And solve a housing problem as well… This issue is addressed, but, unfortunately, it is facing difficulties,” Shaykhutdinov admitted.

According to him, nowadays there are 3.007 coaches in Tatarstan. Auditor of the Tatarstan Accounts Chamber Alexander Yakupov, in turn, noted that today the staff is 89% equipped. At the same time, a rugby school has a 47% deficit of coaches. The state of affairs in regional equestrian schools is a bit better — they need 33% of specialists.

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