New Tatarstan prosecutor wants to ban teenagers from visiting shisha bars

New Tatarstan prosecutor wants to ban teenagers from visiting shisha bars
Photo: Fatykhov (archive)

New Tatarstan Prosecutor Albert Suyargulov initiated amendments to the law On Measures Preventing the Harm on Children’s Health, Physical, Intellectual, Mental, Spiritual and Moral Development in the Republic Tatarstan. As Realnoe Vremya found out, he offered to impose a ban on the presence of minors in shisha bars as well as in specially designed isolated areas where tobacco smoking and nicotine products are allowed to be consumed.

The ban is proposed as an additional measure to protect children’s from the impact of tobacco smoke as well as to prevent tobacco smoking.

“The presence of minors in places where shisha services are provided and isolated areas designed for tobacco smoking, nicotine consumption or shisha doesn’t rule out that the harmful model of tobacco and nicotine product consumption is displayed and they use them themselves, which has a negative impact on their health and physical development as well as the impact of passive smoking when being in such places,” reads an explanatory note. Platonov (archive)

For instance, in 2021, according to Article 6.21 of Russia’s Code of Violations (Violation of the Ban on Tobacco Smoking, Consumption of Nicotine Products or Use of Shisha in Specific Territories Established by Federal Law), 30 children were held accountable. The same number of law breakers were caught last year. There were created reports on 11 teenagers during the first six months. Such cases are registered in Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Almetyevsk, Cheremshan, Yelabuga, Leninogorsk, Arsk, Kukmor and other districts of the republic.

“The provisions of the bill comply with key tasks envisaged by the Concept of Russia’s Demographic Policy until 2025 (longer lifespan, higher birth rate, conservation of the population, creation of conditions and promotion of motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle),” the text reads.

In October, the State Duma was introduced a bill establishing criminal liability for engaging minors to tobacco consumption. Nowadays there is just a warning in Russia for engaging teenagers into smoking cigarettes or nicotine products — vapes, shisha, e-cigarettes and other products.

In the last 10 years, the share of smoking Russians has reduced from 41% to 30%. In 2013, there was adopted an anti-tobacco law in the country that implies a ban on smoking in public places, tobacco advertising and its limited retail sale.

Ayrat Nazipov