Women in Tatarstan: they earn less than men, live longer and get married before 34 years

Women in Tatarstan: they earn less than men, live longer and get married before 34 years
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International Women’s Day was celebrated across Russia on 8 March. Nowadays 2,131 million representatives of the fine sex live in Tatarstan on a regular basis. This is 265,100 more than men. So women account for 53% of the region’s population. Read in Realnoe Vremya’s report about the average age of female citizens of the republic, how much they earn and when they get married.

More women than men in Tatarstan, both in cities and in the countryside

According to the Russian Census, women in the region prevail both in the countryside — 474,944 against 455,817 men and in cities — 1,660,029 against 1,414,019. It is noteworthy that representatives of the fine sex also dominate in the republic’s two largest cities — Kazan and Naberezhnye Chelny. So for instance, 716,300 women and 592,300 men live in the capital of Tatarstan.

Despite this, still more boys than girls are born — 21,000 against 19,000. Also, the republic has the only district when males are in the lead in their number — it is Tukay District. 23,514 men and 23,246 women live there.

Women’s average salary in Tatarstan 38,000 rubles

It is also important to note that 957,000 women are employed in the economy of Tatarstan, which is about 45% of the total workforce in the republic. At the same time, the ladies’ average salary in October 2021 was 38,328 rubles, according to data of the Tatarstan Statistics Service. Men’s salary during the same month reached 55,535 rubles — 17,000 rubles more than women’s.

It is noteworthy that 53% of the total number of applications of job seekers are submitted by women in the republic. Representatives of the fine sex are mostly interested in working as administrator or sales manager — 10%. Some look for a vacancy of an accountant — 7%.

At the same time, women think than the work has a negative impact on health than men do (50% against 40% respectively). At the same time, most of them expect a salary of 40,000 rubles.

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Women’s average age in the republic is 42 years

Women’s life expectancy at birth in 2021 was 75.9 years — it is 9.4 years more than men’s and 4.6 years above the average life expectancy of Tatarstan residents.

At the same time, the median age of representatives of the fine sex in the republic reaches 42 years. Moreover, it is lower in cities than in the countryside — 41 versus 45.

Photo: realnoevremya.ru/Maxim Platonov

In autumn, Tatarstan Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Protection Elmira Zaripova said that the number of long-living people increased in the republic year after year — those who celebrated the 100th jubilee. So in October 2022, 157 people of this age live in the republic — it is 140 women and 17 men.

As Zaripova noted, a resident of Pestretsy is the oldest man in Tatarstan who is 102 years. The oldest woman lives in Zainsk, last year she turned 107, the minister stressed.

Residents of the republic mostly get married at 25-34 years

Mostly women get married at the age of 25-34 — 39.7% of the total number. Almost the same quantity — 37.7% — get married at the age from 18 to 24 years. A smaller number — 35% — is those who are above 35 years. It should be noted that some tie the knot before turning 18, but they total just 0.3%.

Earlier this year, Director of the Centre for Family and Demography of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences Chulpan Ildarkhanova claimed that potentially every family of the republic could have many children — if their kids are born early.

She noted that in general the number of large families in the republic could be larger but a series of serious reasons impedes this. Secondly, as a rule, Tatarstan women have their firstborn at 29 and this child remains the only among many of them.

Also, there is an infrastructural problem: many think that kindergartens don’t have seats. According to Ildarkhanova, difficulties with the availability in pre-school institutions are one of the factors why 22% of surveyed Tatarstan residents postpone having a baby.

Despite this, the region remains a leader in the Volga region in number of newborns. Moreover, more than a third of babies born last year were firstborns. The republic also holds the lead in number of marriages — nearly 28,000 couples got married in 2022. The number of divorces in the republic is lower than in other Volga regions.

Fewer men with university degree diploma than women in Tatarstan

There is another indicator in Tatarstan where representatives of the fine sex are way ahead of men. It is higher education — 331,801 men against 501,941 women.

The biggest share of women with a university degree is in the 30-34 age bracket — 86,079. It should be noted that it is 17.1% of the total number of Tatarstan women with a university diploma.

Photo: realnoevremya.ru/Maxim Platonov

However, there is the smallest share of people with higher education from 65 to 69 years both among women and men of Tatarstan — 20,387 and 13,361 people respectively.

Maxim Kokunin