Eiffel Tower to be built in Kazan

Today and tomorrow Kazan residents have the opportunity to visit a little Paris — the city hosts the festival of fashion, design and street performance The Window to Paris. This project is implemented in cooperation of Tatarstan's capital and the capital of France. It is a sort of our response to the holding of Sabantuy this summer in Paris. Read more in the article of Realnoe Vremya.

''Croissants are guaranteed''

''Good French coffee and croissants are guaranteed,'' said director of the committee for tourism development Darya Sannikova. Of course, that is not all.

The festival offers a photo-exhibition, chamber theatre performances, a fashion collection, and even… an Eiffel Tower. Yes, the symbol of Paris will be located for two days in Lyadskoy garden in Kazan and with a spire of eight meters high.

On the question of Realnoe Vremya what is the budget of the festival, Daryia Sannikova evaded the answer but explained that the funding for this even is provided from city and regional budgets.

According to her, all tour operators have been notified that it will be fun and interesting these days in Kazan, and therefore it is expected that The Window to Paris will be visited by many tourists. Although at the festival there will not be representatives of Paris or a French chef, as it had been implied earlier, the contacts with France are not limited to the holding of Sabantuy at the Champ de Mars and The Window to Paris.

''Good French coffee and croissants are guaranteed,'' said director of the committee for tourism development Darya Sannikova (right). Photo: tatar-inform.ru

As Sannikova said at a press conference in Tatar-inform, the French side is interested in the Museum of Soviet Life, they would like to see its exposition in Paris, as for Kazan, Sannikova expressed the hope that someday an exhibition from the Louvre will come to Kazan.

Apparently, Sannikova did not know about the fact that the director of the Museum of Soviet Life Rustem Valiakhmetov has repeatedly been exhibited in Paris, as well as the fact that the exhibits from the Louvre have already visited our city at one of the exhibitions in the Hermitage-Kazan Exhibition Centre. However, this does not negate further plans of cooperation between the two cities.

Named after Rodchenko

Mime artists, clowns, performances, music bands, French music, children's performances and workshops for children, exhibition of the French poster, lectures-tours, bookshop, an attempt to show a collection of clothes in the style of Russian avant-garde, photo projects — it is a partial list of what is offered to the citizens and tourists.

All this grandiose event will take place in Lyadskoy garden on Mushtari Street. Thus, a new format for Kazan citizens is offered — the so-called ''Sunday walking streets''. On both days the programme will be the same, it begins at noon and will last until late evening. Full information can be found on the website of the Kazan city hall.

But there is something that binds The Window to Paris to Kazan. The cross-cutting theme of this first such festival is the figure of photographer, artist, architect and sculptor Alexander Rodchenko — one of the most prominent figures of Russian avant-garde of the first third of the last century.

The cross-cutting theme of the festival is the figure of photographer, artist, architect and sculptor Alexander Rodchenko. Photo: Oleg Tikhonov

The works of Rodchenko, as you know, are popular in the West, including in France. Meanwhile, Rodchenko lived in Kazan for sixteen years, so he can become one of peculiarities of Kazan. Today the popularizer of his works is the Art Museum of Tatarstan at the initiative of its director Rosaliya Nurgaleyeva. I want to believe that The Window to Paris will serve as another impetus for the interest in the work of this extraordinary artist.

''We have prepared a large photo project, there are photographs that were taken by the authors inspired by Alexander Rodchenko,'' said famous Kazan photographer Andrey Bogdanov, who noted that one of Rodchenko's principles was imaging familiar objects from unusual angle.

As the organizers of the festival assured, the festival will take place under any weather conditions.

By Tatyana Mamaeva

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