Rustam Minnikhanov: ''We can inform the Turkish government about our needs by ourselves''

Rustam Minnikhanov: ''We can inform the Turkish government about our needs by ourselves'' Photo: Mikhail Kozlovsky

The results of work of Tatarstan petrochemical complex in 2016 were summed up at a meeting of the Board of Directors of Tatneftekhiminvest-holding JSC. The Republic was proposed to establish a plant for the production of ceramic filters for oil industry and agriculture. President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov held a workshop on how to give presentations. Also, he agreed on direct supply of Perm cable products to the Republic. The correspondent of Realnoe Vremya watched over the course of the meeting.

''Good results at Kazanorgsintez and Nizhnekamskneftekhim''

Rustam Minnikhanov began the board meeting with congratulations of TANECO: the company has been awarded the prize of Russian government in the field of quality.

''It is a great success,'' said RT president.

Then, the participants listened to the report of the head of Tatneftekhiminvest-holding Rafinat Yarullin on the results of last year of the enterprises of petrochemical complex of Tatarstan.

The basic enterprises of petrochemical complex operating in Tatarstan received revenues at 954bn rubles in 2016, which is 5% higher than in the previous year. Their revenues to the consolidated budget of Tatarstan remained at the level of 2015 and amounted to 51bn rubles.

The enterprises have production volume by 4.4% mainly due to the good results of Tatneft and the new complex Ammonia. In comparison with 2015, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Tatneft, Kazanorgsintez, Kvart increased the production and revenues. The leaders in growth are Nefis Cosmetics and the solid steel cord tire factory. A decrease in production and sales was observed at the plant named after Karpov and Nizhnekamskshina.

The performance at TAIF-NK decreased due to the increase in the number of employees, at the Kazan factory of synthetic rubber, due to a cutback in production.

Tatneft produced 28.3 million tonnes of oil in 2016, which is 5% higher than in 2015. 55% was sent for processing at TANECO and TAIF-NK. The tire complex of Tatneft in the second half of the year increased the volume of production and sales and produced 11.5 million tires.

Nizhnekamskneftekhim increased production by 2%, including of rubber — by 4%, plastics — by 1%. According to Rafinat Yarullin, in the second half of the year Kazanorgsintez increased the production of polyethylene, and the annual increase amounted to 4.5%. The share of sales to non-CIS countries has been increased in the export structure. The production of ethylene was increased by 4.3%. The supply of ethane from the side of Tatneft was increased by 16.7 thousand tonnes for the year. Together with Gazprom, the company is considering the possibility of increasing capacity at the Orenburg gas processing plant…

The basic enterprises of petrochemical complex operating in Tatarstan received revenues at 954bn rubles in 2016, which is 5% higher than in the previous year, reported Rafinat Yarullin. Photo: Mikhail Kozlovsky

Director General of Tatneftekhiminvest-holding tod about the most significant projects in 2016. This is the launch of the delayed coking unit at TANECO and of alpha-olefins at Nizhnekamskneftekhim. Two plants started to opearte in the SEZ Alabuga, 12 residents have been attracted with a total investment volume of 11.8bn rubles. The Kazan plant of modern packaging, laboratory-industrial complex Nanofarm Development, the manufacture of suture material of PTO Medtekhnika, the regional centre of bioengineering technologies started to work on the territory of Khimgrad.

''For 2017, it is planned to start the heavy residue conversion complex at TAIF-NK, the start of production of gasoline at TANECO, to increase capacity of isoprene and rubber SKI-3 at Nizhnekamskneftekhim,'' said Rafinat Yarullin.

''The decrease at TAIF-NK is connected with the tax issues,'' gave his assessment Rustam Minnikhanov. ''Kazanorgsintez and Nizhnekamskneftekhim have good results.''

Encyclopedia of technological solutions

''This is a new structure that is very important for our country,'' noted the president of Tatarstan, anticipating the speech of the next speaker, Director General of the Agency for technological development Maksim Shereikin. ''Technological development is one of the main tasks for our country.''

Maksim Shereikin spoke about the activities of the Agency, which he called ''the encyclopedia of technological solutions''. The main task of a new structure is to assist Russian companies to find and implement technological solutions of global level to achieve the competitiveness of domestic products.

The Agency is ready to help enterprises to carry out technological upgrade — to find technological solutions and to help to obtain state support.

The priorities of the Agency are associated with the petrochemical complex, mechanical engineering, IT industry, agricultural industry, light industry.

'We will attract investors and investments to Tatarstan, knowing what positive investment climate has been created in the region,'' said Shereikin.

Maksim Shereikin told about the activities of the Agency for technological development. Photo:

Aide to RT President on issues of oil industry, Shafagat Takhautdinov, expressed his proposal for the implementation of technological solutions. In his opinion, it is necessary to use and replicate existing projects, for example, Tatneft.

''Your structure is new. You still have not much money. But this structure is necessary for the country. You have to work to increase the status. If you are only in the form of an advisory body, there won't be a big breakthrough,'' told the head of the Republic.

Cannot do without boron

The Turkish company ETI MADEN I.G.M. and its Russian representative office ETIPRODUCTS expressed their proposals on cooperation for the supply of boron compounds to the enterprises of Tatarstan. ETI MADEN I.G.M. is the world leader in mining and supply of boron mineral ore, purified boric acid and borates of sodium, which have 74.8% of all known world reserves of boron and meet 51% of total demand for boron products in the world.

The company believes that not enough boron compounds necessary for the production of various types of glass, fertilizers, cellulose wool are supplied to Russia.

In addition to the supply of own products, the Turkish company expects Tatarstan to be a lobbyist in the Russian government to reduce customs duties on boron compounds.

Rustam Minnikhanov asked Rafinat Yarullin whether Tatarstan companies work with Turkish manufacturer. ''Nefis Cosmetics buys these products, as well as Alabuga Fiberglass,'' said Director General of Tatneftekhiminvest-holding. ''It is also necessary to attract the universities.''

''We should meet, to look where we can use boron compounds,'' added the president of Tatarstan. ''I'm ready to write on customs duties. We will inform the government about our needs by ourselves and we can also help to get a little closer there.''

''Sell yourself! Sell your products!''

''We bought your cables from many different manufacturers. Sell your cables yourself,'' Rustam Minnikhanov addressed to Kama Cable PLC (Perm).

''You should be more active!'' Rustam Minnikhanov addressed to the representatives of Kamsky Cable. Photo:

''We cooperate with a number of companies from Tatarstan — TAIF, Tatneft,'' began his speech acting Director General of the enterprise Vladimir Ponomarev.

''You should be more active! We are building such objects, but you are not here! Only some brokers. I'm worried about you,'' replied the president.

Deputy chief technologist of the company Alexander Azanov even couldn't hold a presentation of the company, he had to respond to the comments of Minnikhanov. RT President asked him to specify which products and for which companies of the Republic Kamsky Cable can supply. But he never received a clear answer.

''Try to sell yourself! Try to sell your products!'' tried to help him. ''You must know our projects and give your suggestions.''

''I am not a salesman, I'm a technical expert.''

''Then tell me about the technology. What can you do… '' advised the president of Tatarstan and appealed to the head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, Taliya Minullina, with the request ''to take a young man on the run-in and teach him to make a presentation.''

But the failed presentation did not impact on intentions of the Republic to cooperate with cable manufacturer. ''Let the representatives of the company meet chief energy workers of our companies. We will form the order,'' outlined the intentions the president of Tatarstan.

Kazanorgsintez can also implement a joint project with the manufacturers of the cables. KOS is planning to start the production of polyethylene for insulation of cables.

ZA Engineering (Yekaterinburg) is ready to establish the production of systems of industrial water purification using ceramic crossflow filters in Tatarstan. Such filters are used for water treatment in industry and are considered to be more effective than plastic ones. The company, together with TatNIPIneft conducted tests on the use of these filters at Ashalchinskoye field. Now it is now going to turn to Tatneft with the offer on joint development of complex technology of water purification at the extraction of conventional and heavy oil. The application of filters allows to save significantly on service of components of the treatment system.

Also, the treatment technology using ceramic filters can be used in agriculture for milk processing. The Republic can annually receive 1.5 billion rubles from their application.

The treatment technology using ceramic filters can be used in agriculture for milk processing. Photo:

''It is necessary to consider, continue to operate,'' appreciated the possibility of cooperation Rafinat Yarullin. ''You can create manufacturing in the special economic zone.

''It is an interesting product. We will cooperate with you,'' summed up Rustam Minnikhanov.

By Evgeniya Gazizova